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Did you know that 4 out of every 10 children are not ‘ready’ for school when they begin?

This often happens when the golden ‘pre-school’ years are not taken advantage of the right way.

There’s no alternative for bad learning. If it’s not proper, it’s improper, and that’s counter-productive for your child.

Children under age 5 absorb, learn, and store over 85% of their brains’ potential for their whole life. That’s why it’s essential to enrol your child in an early learning system that’s not only reliable but proven during these precious and important years.

At Little Miracles, we don’t just care for your child, we help shape their future.

From the way they’re spoken to, the activities they play, and ‘what’ and ‘how’ they learn, we make sure they’re given the best opportunity for success through the highest quality care and education.

Flying Start

Our unique School Readiness Program called Flying Start© is now responsible for over 95% of children leaving for school with a reading ability at Level one or above. That’s very promising for your child. That’s giving them the edge they need.

Little Miracles is the perfect companion for both YOU and YOUR CHILD.

Our curriculum keeps pace with your child’s natural learning ability, and helps promote their talents and attributes in the most effective way, while preparing them to be ‘confident’ and ‘ready’ for school.

Culture of Honour

Our ‘Culture of Honour’ is an effective philosophy that encourages respect and positive treatment towards each other, including children, parents, and educators.

Baby Sleep Environment

Do you need a reliable and comfortable day care facility for your baby? You’ll love our popular in-house Baby Sleep Environment. Specially designed and prepared to give your baby a sound and restful sleep, and keep them amused and intrigued with our ‘starry night’ galaxy ceiling display when they awake.

Give your baby or toddler the quality day care they truly need…

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What Other Parents Say About Little Miracles

  • I started my son Sam in Little Miracles in March and he has almost remembered the whole alphabet with the way ‘Teach your toddler to read’ teaches as a fun way to memorize letters and sounds. My 2 1/2 year old daughter has been copying her brother with the actions as Sam shows her when saying the sounds. I personally think it’s a very great concept for toddlers to learn letters and sounds.
    Melissa Bonaventura, Brookvale
  • ‘Teach your toddler to read’ is a great program that is interesting and educational for children and easy for parents to integrate into everyday life. If my 2y/o is having difficulty pronouncing a word, I break it down using the sounds and songs from TYTTR and it helps him immediately. It’s easy, effective and enjoyable.
    Teira Jansen, Brookvale
  • I am an avid reader and always have been and I knew that passing that on to my child was not only important, but would be a joy. Oliver has thrived under the TYTTR program and is so proud of himself when he recognises letters and short words throughout the pages. He now refers to his collection of books as “O.B’s Library” and I have just bought shelves to make it look like one, too. Reading is a great joy and one of life’s simple pleasures. I hope Oli continues to love stories, both reading and sharing them.
    Erin English, Blaxland
  • TYTTR is a fantastic program that is fun and educational for children of all ages. My 8 month old loves looking at the pictures and trying to sound out the sounds. She is already saying mmm, aaa, ddd, and bbb. Sally has done a fantastic job. Thank you Little Miracles so much.
    Char McAllister, Morisset
  • We love singing the TYTTR song as we brush teeth as it has a good rhythm for brushing!
    Juliet Wendon, Caringbah
  • I love the fact that my children are actually enjoying learning letters and the alphabet. I love hearing them saying their letter rhymes like “hats on horses h h h” This program makes it fun and achievable. They are both so fond of reading and I enjoy reading stories with them of an evening just before bed. Hayden is now starting to read me the story which is fantastic.
    Liesel Simpson, Blaxland
  • Gracie loves this program! She has so much confidence when it comes to books and can recognise the letters and sounds easily. I love how this program opens their little ears and eyes to literacy. It gives them a wonderful foundation on which to build on at school and makes that first year of kindergarten a little less daunting!
    Leanne Brooke, Terrigal
  • Both my boys were taught the TYTTR programme. James had 2 years and when he finished pre-school, he was reading at level 4. Hugh has been doing the programme for his 4 years of pre-school, since he was 20 months old. Now, the end of term 3 the year before he goes to school, he is reading at level 6 (neither boy has had additional reading tutoring). My boys have benefitted greatly from the programme and loved doing it. When I knew they have been doing reading at pre-school, I ask about it but they say they haven’t been learning to read… they don’t even realise, because they’ve had fun doing it! It’s done great things for their confidence to be able to read before they start school… one less stress at the time! When I asked Hugh what he thinks of the programme, he said he loves it – he loves learning the alphabet so he can learn the letters and how they sound. He saw the picture of the set on the computer and asked if we can please get one!
    Glenys Drennan, Terrigal
  • Both of our children have always loved being read to, and the ‘Teach your toddler to read’ program is enhancing that experience for them. Our 3 year old, Abigail, comes home and likes to practice what she has learnt about letters with the magnets we have on our fridge and letter books. I have noticed when she sees different letters she will give examples of objects or animals that start with that letter. We have noticed that our almost 2 year old, Finn, often tries to sing the ABC song that he has been learning, especially when we work with letters at home. Whilst he does not know all the letters yet he definitely knows the tune and gets excited when we sing with him.
    Tamara McCann, Blaxland
  • I think TYTTR is wonderful. This program engaged my daughter Charlotte who suffers from Autism. She actually wanted to read & sometimes that’s the hardest step!
    Michelle Gott, Point Clare
  • I love the fact that Eva must be really enjoying this programme because last night at 9pm, she sat in the dark in her big girl bed. Eva is singing dogs are dancing ddd and aaa ants are eating aaa. Pretty cute. She’s getting the whole concept. Very cute that it was late and I thought little Eva was fast asleep. Finally she fell asleep! The programme is really good. I thought about buying it as it really does help with getting the sounds right and recognising letters. Sienna has just started to recognise the first letter of certain words which is great and asking more questions about short sounds and long sounds. Thanks everyone for all your hard work at Little Miracles the kids love coming to preschool.
    Jayne Southgate, Caringbah
  • As a voracious reader myself, it excites me to see the love Grace already has at 2 for reading. She loves pointing to the letters she now recognises and tells me about other things that start with that letter. She opens all manner of reader material and begins with “One day…” and as she closes the back cover, “The end”. When I pick her up the first thing I ask her is, “What did you do today?” and without fail she will say, “Read a book”. A few days ago she was playing with an alphabet toy her aunt bought her. It looks like an abacus but is full of blocks showing the alphabet on one side and corresponding pictures on the other side. Listening as she played, I recognised part of the song she’s learnt through the TYTTR program. She obviously enjoys the program and it appears to be establishing a foundation of enjoyment for the art of learning. Wonderful.
    Danielle Brame Whiting, Point Clare
  • I like the fact that the whole rhyme is easy to remember, both for me and Liam.
    Karen Askins, Point Clare
  • Hi there, our family have absolutely loved our daughter Allira learning the ‘Teach your toddler to read’ program. We on many occasions sing along with Allira as she teaches us how the song goes and the sound effects. We are so impressed how she is only 3 and a half and is already able to recognise many letters of the alphabet, and can also write a few letters of her name. We can only thank Little Miracles and the wonderful staff for how Allira has progressed over the last 2 and a half years, and a big thank you to ‘Teach your toddler to read’ for making it so fun and enjoyable for the whole family! We would absolutely LOVE a copy of our very own so we can also teach Tynan (Allira’s little brother) the same. Thank you and kind regards.
    Nicola Hogan, Terrigal
  • I love it that Sebastian is learning through song and images, and that we can use the system during every day play. From early on he could look at the letters in his name and tell me the corresponding part of the song. He independently told me ‘snakes are sliding’ one night when he saw his name. It’s really setting him up to develop a sound grasp of spelling and language.
    Terri Blakesley, Point Clare
  • Kye’s passion and love for children is evident and it has really made me happy and confident she has made the right decision. I can’t stop praising the centre and I’m loving it.
    Kay, Morisset
  • We take this opportunity to express our thanks to you and Brooke and Jow who have supported and helped us pave the way for Skarlytte’s new adventure. We simply could not have done it without you. I cannot speak highly enough of our Centre. Blaxland Little Miracles is second to none.
    Jodie, Blaxland
  • To all the beautiful staff at Little Miracles Preschool, Bethany, Susanna, Rob, Anna, Daniel, Brianna, Stacey, Keira, Emma, Kylee and so many more of you involved with our children over the years. We thank you sincerely for caring for and loving our precious ones for so long. I can’t believe we have come to this milestone so quickly. Our baby has now grown and about to enter another stage. We are left with mixed emotions. May you continue doing what you do so well with all of God’s Blessings.
    Sevinch and Simon McMenamie, Terrigal
  • Connor got off to a great start at school this year. Through your wonderful ‘Teach your toddler to read’ program and evening story time at home he started Kindergarten being able to identify, sound, and write all his letters and he was reading simple sentences. His literacy was assessed in week 5 of the first term and was one of the very few to be put on Level 3 readers. I think 95% of children start at level 1? He has been consistently moving through the levels and now he is just over halfway through the year and on level 15. During “Dental Week” at Little Miracles he brought home a reader from school about going to the dentist so I encouraged him to visit the preschool and share it with them. He was a little nervous but did it willingly and this was fabulous for his confidence. His teacher and his family are so pleased with his progress and his growing passion for books. Now Ella too is surprising us with her active interest in reading. She is sounding out letters to make words and especially loves trying to read Dr Seuss books. Thank you to you all for investing so much time and energy into getting these little miracles ready for the big step of big school. Connor has the best start we could hope for and I know Ella and Reid will be off to a great start too.
    Tiffany and Grant, Terrigal
  • Dear Rob, Susanna, and all the beautiful staff and Little Miracles Terrigal. I would like to thank the amazing girls and Daniel of course who have been wonderful year after year. They have helped our children grow into beautiful little people. We will all miss them. Could you please also thank Sally. With her program and your commitment to it our son Jack’s transition to school was so much easier. He is really enjoying school and is breezing along with his literacy, now reading level 14 books and writing wonderful stories. We feel comforted that Darci has the same literacy basis for her journey at school. I am feeling sad that our children have grown up and we will be leaving Little Miracles! I will have to talk my husband into having another baby so we can come back.
    Natasha, Terrigal
Request your FREE copy of:
The Australian Child Care Consumer Guide: What you need to know,
and the 7 misconceptions about child care and early learning programs

(Valued at $47)…

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