A lot of our amazing children are currently attending “big school” orientation. This is a wonderful and exciting time for these children and families although it can be stressful. Juggling getting the children to school, then back to preschool can be a challenge and even more distressing if the children start to resist going back into preschool. We want to reassure all parents that this is a completely normal reaction.  There is a lot of change going on for your children with a lot different emotions, often conflicting ones.  Some children are able to process these and articulate these well, many are not. Many children are more likely to “act out” or show more emotion where they are most familiar or comfortable – in this case at home after the orientation or at preschool. The best way to help these children is to reassure them, keep all other routines as consistent as possible and be there to answer any questions they may have or provide a comforting hug.