Creating Fun & Memories

Memories don’t have to be expensive, complicated or planned ahead. Fun and memories can come out of really simple things like going to the beach or the park. If you really want children to be enjoying themselves you’ll let them lead. Find out what they’re interested in and go with that. It’s about getting involved in what they find fun and interesting.

You have to plan the time to be together as a family but after that you just let it flow and that is when the most meaningful memories are made. Whether these family activities be on a big scale or a small scale it doesn’t really matter.

You have to hold traditions loosely. It’s important, especially as our kids grow older, to not make some of these traditions something that everyone has to do. We don’t want to make them feel condemned if they don’t join in every single time. If you’re making people/your children do something, you’ve already lost the enjoyment of it. When we give our children a
choice they are much more likely to want to join in.

A lot of our family traditions involve all 22 of my family. But, I want to encourage people who don’t have big extended families near them that that is okay too. Family traditions as a small family unit are just as important and effective. Family can also be found in friendship. A group of families coming together to celebrate, go away together or just gather can create amazing memories as well.

You don’t have to have a lot of traditions but I encourage you to have a few that your children rely on that bring them stability and confidence.

I wanted to share my overall encouragement to give to parents about the importance of creating fun and memories. So here it is.

Look at your children and their interests and be deliberate in creating memories and traditions around that. Remember to be conscious of the importance and the impact of what creating these traditions have and have fun.