Thinking About Why We Overreact: Hippocampus

We have all experienced times when we or someone else has overreacted to a situation or event. They’re not doing it because they are a destructive person, but because something destructive from their background has triggered them.

People overreact in current situations because they are triggered by previous events. These trigger our hippocampus which releases the emotion of a previous destructive situation.

What is the Hippocampus?

The hippocampus is a small seahorse shaped part of your brain. It stores memories that had a high passion/emotion and purpose. These stored memories can be either good or bad.

How Does this Affect Us?

Try to think about the people, places or words that trigger either good or bad emotions in you? Can you think of something in your hippocampus that you overreact to consistently, you might not even know why. It is always important, when someone is overreacting, to step back and consider is their hippocampus being triggered?

“Remember, there is always one more thing about a person’s life that we know nothing about.” Oswald Chambers

“There is always one more thing in a person’s hippocampus that we know nothing about.”  Ford Taylor

“There is always one more thing in your own hippocampus that we know nothing about.”  Ford Taylor