Hometime with Robbie and Susie

Welcome to Hometime with Robbie and Susie

This new, fun educational series features songs, stories and activities you can do at home. Originally designed to help and support children self-isolating at home, this series is being enjoyed by children all over Australia. Please feel free to share with any families you feel would enjoy them.



Stacey sings a song about beetles, Anna and Susie take us on a bushwalk and show us the insects they find. We read a story about Ants and an Echidna called Millie loves ants. For our craft experience we make some ants in a lovely picture.


I hope you are ready to learn some more about Insects, in particular Butterflies. We have some beautiful craft you could try at home, learn about the life cycle of a Butterfly, read a great book called The Very Hungry Caterpillar and lots more fun.


Lady Bugs are a beautiful insect that often has red wings with black spots. We learn about the lifecycle of a lady bug and about their anatomy, we read a book called Yoo Hoo Ladybird, sing some songs and also create some yummy insect inspired snacks.


This episode we are learning about Spiders! Spiders can do some amazing things including making spider webs. We might even make a spider web in today’s episode, along with lots more.


Today we are exploring Bees! We sing a song about a baby bumblebee, we make some bees with tissue paper. Bees are amazing and a crucial part of our ecosystem, Anna teaches us some fascinating facts about them.

Indigenous Connections


We learn about about the Aboriginal flag, the Torres Strait flag and the Australian flag. We hear a dreamtime story from Uncle Russ, a Biripi, Worimi man called the rainbow serpent about how the mountains and rivers were made. We also make Indigenous Australian flags as our craft experience.


Uncle Russ shows us some traditional instruments and makes some music and teaches Anna to make some too. Lauren reads a dreamtime story call Kootear the Echidna and sings us a song about an echidna. Uncle Russ also shows us how to make an echidna out of clay.


Shannon reads Ernie dances to the didgeridoo and Uncle Russ plays the didgeridoo and teaches us all about it and the different sounds it can make. We also learn to make our own tapping sticks and rain sticks.

Walk About 

In todays episode we explore Australian native plants and sing a song about a Wattle tree. Uncle Russ tells us a dreamtime story Bilinga the magpie and the fig tree, we see the Waang Djarii Traditional Dancers and we do a 2 beautiful artworks based on the wattle plant.


Today we are continuing our Indigenous Connections and read a story called Big Rain Coming, Uncle Russ talks to us about the map of Australia and different languages, we watch the Waang Djarii aboriginal dance group and do Dot painting with Uncle Russ.

Australia Week featuring the Alison Lester book “Are we there yet?”

South Australia

On our first day of exploring we are driving through South Australia. We sing a song about South Australia, we read Possum Magic and learn to make a pavlova!

Western Australia

As we continue to travel around Australia our next stop is Western Australia. Come and join Robbie and Susie as they learn about some amazing places like Turquoise Bay and explore creatively using gum leaves.

NT – Top End

As we are continuing our journey through Uluru, Alice Springs, Kakadu and all the way to the top of Australia in our ” Are we there yet?” story, we ready another book about the outback – we explore some songs and craft that you could try at home.


There are so many amazing places in Queensland including the Daintree Rainforest which is what we are creating today by making our very own rainforest in a bottle! We learn about these special ecosystems that we find in far north Queensland.


We finish reading “Are we there yet” as they visit places including Sydney and the Blue Mountains in NSW, Canberra, Cradle Mountain in Tasmania and Phillip Island in Victoria. We sing songs about platypus and dingo and make 2 different crafts inspired by Sydney Harbour!

Oceania Week

Australia & Torres Strait Islands

We look at some of the unique birds and animals that live in Oceania. Today we hear a book about crocodiles, sing a song from the Torres Strait and use some paper plates for a craft experience making islands.


Bula. Today we are exploring the beautiful, Fiji! We read a story about turtles, and make some traditional Fijian fans along with singing some songs.

Papua New Guinea

In this episode we have 2 great crafts you could try at home, a book where we learn about the culture called “The Lost Tail” and song about a Silly Snake!

New Zealand

We learn about the Kiwi, make some Maori necklaces with clay, sing some songs and so much more. We had so much fun and can’t wait for you to join in.

Animal Migration

There are so many amazing animals that migrate from colder and warmer weather throughout the years – whales, seagulls, turtles just to name a few. Have you seen a whale?

Asia Week


We learn about Japan and the beautiful culture. We learn to count to 10 in Japanese, we read a Japanese folk tale story called the Talkative Tortoise, we also show you 2 different beautiful cherry blossom crafts you could try at home.


China is a part of the continent Asia and today we are learning about the Chinese new year, we read a book called A Friend Like You, sang a poem about a panda and we made a paper lantern and a fan.


Lauren, Anna and Bree have actually all visited India and share their experiences with us in a colourful and fun episode. They show us their beautiful saris, sing us a song and dance about an elephant, we read a folktale story called “The tiger and the wise man” and do some painting.


We welcome BaliLife Daycare to explore the wonderful county of Indonesia.The educators tell us fascinating things about the islands they grew up on, we see some dancing, a recipe for an Indonesian fruit salad and also hear a story called Tari the Balinese dancer.


We look at the tuk tuk and other forms of transport they use there and sing a song about a tuk tuk, we read a book called Whoever you are and for our activity we create our own boat!

Europe Week


During this episode we read The tale of Babushka, sing a finger family song and in craft time we make the Russian flag. We learn other things about Russia as well so come and join us.

United Kingdom

We sing a song, read a book about Madeline in London and even make some royal crowns. Helen also talks about some of the traditional music from Scotland and plays the flute for a traditional Scottish song. 


France is home of the famous Eiffel Tower, and also where people speak French. We read Zat Cat, sing songs both French and English including Frere Jacque and do a painting experience inspired by a French artist.


We sing a song about cooking pasta, we read Mr Chicken arriva a Roma, we sing a song about spaghetti and meatballs, we show how you can use pasta as a sensory experience and even use it for craft!


Today we learn a song that originated in Denmark, Incy wincy spider, Helen tells us a fairytale from Denmark called The ugly duckling, we sing 5 little ducks and we even learn to make swans!

North America Week


Today we are going to learn about North America and dive into the country Greenland. We sing 2 songs about polar bears, read a book called Snow Bear and make a polar bear from a paper plate.


Today we explore with our friend Jennie who is from America, she shares some stories about growing up in the southern USA, read a story called “Imagine you’re a cowboy!” and learn to make “mac and cheese”which is popular in America.


Today we are exploring Mexico. We sing 2 songs about Mexico, we read Erandi’s Braids and during craft time we make our own tacos with paper plates. Have you ever cooked Tacos at home?


We learn about animals found in Canada. We read a called Bear and Turtle and the great lake race, a book written by Native Americans, we sing a song about a big brown bear and do some art with maple leaves

The Caribbean

Today we are learning about The Caribbean. There is a yum food experience making a fruit juice smoothie out of Caribbean fruits, 2 songs about some monkeys, we read I Love You Little Monkey and so much more.

South America Week


An animal which is common in Ecuador are fish! We explore fish with songs, we read Fishermen Fred and learn how to make our own fish. Come and join us.


We sing a song about alpacas, we read Alpacas with Maracas and then learn how to make our own maracas and even do an alpaca craft!


We read a book called “Slowly, slowly, slowly said the sloth”, sing about Sammy the Sloth, and make our own sloth pictures.


The Olympic Games were held in Rio, Brazil in 2016. We read “Gold medal me”, hear a poem about a running race and make our own medals. We are excited to learn more about the Olympics today.


We read The Great Kapok Tree, learn about the rainforest, sings songs about the rainforest canopy and a boa constrictor! We then learn how to make our own boa constrictor.

Africa Week


We sing a song about zebras, we read Zita the Zebra, sing 5 cheeky monkeys and learn some African bead craft you can do at home.


We learn a lot about Elephants which can be found in Zambia. we read an African folklore story, sing some songs and learn how to make an elephant out of a milk bottle!


Anna has been to Rwanda and and shares some photos and information about what she saw. We read Rumble in the Jungle, sing some songs and we even see some musical instruments from Rwanda.


Today we sing a song about Giraffes, read the book Nobody laughs at a lion and do a fun experience about Lions. How fun!

South Africa

Today we are exploring South Africa which one of our staff, Beverly, is from. We hear from Beverly about some of her memories with animals when she lived in South Africa, listen the book Handa’s Hen and learn how to make a Koeksisters.

Antarctica Week


Do you know about Antarctica? Today we are learning about Penguins which are found on the continent of Antarctica.


Today we are exploring the continent of Antarctica further by exploring something that covers most of it… SNOW! Today we learn how to make snowflakes, sign a song about “snowflakes on my nose” and much more. 


We continue Antarctic week by learning about Whales. Today we learn how to create a whale hand print painting, sing a song and read a book, also today we have an episode of Playtime with Robbie and Susie and Whales are wobbling

Warm Clothes

Today we are exploring what types of clothes should be warm in cooler places like Antarctica. Do you have a scarf and beanie? Come and Join us as we make snow dough, read a book called the Emperor’s Egg and sing some songs.

North/South Pole

Today we are wrapping up Antarctica Week by looking into the differences between the North and South Pole. We also learn about directions (North, South, East & West), a song about Continents, and some crayon wash painting.

Australian Animals Week


Today we begin with Wombats. We read the book called Wombat Stew, sing Wombat Wobble, and even create our own Wombat Stew. Come and join us.


Have you ever seen a koala? “Give me a home among the gumtrees”, Eucalyptus land leaf rubbing and so much more on today’s episode.


Kookaburra, Emu, Cassowary, and so many more birds to sing and learn about. We even learn how to make a bird feeder. We can’t wait to see the bird feeders you create.


On today’s episode we are going to be exploring Australian Animals, in particular Possums. We even had a visitor from a friend at Wildlife Arc who brought in a very cute ringtail possum. .


Have you ever seen a Kangaroo before? They use their tail to jump REALLY high. Come along today and learn about Kangaroos.

Transport Week


Today we are focusing on Rail. We will sing some songs, read a train book, and do some painting.


Today we are focusing on transport that you see on the road. Do you know a song about the wheels on a bus, traffic lights, and trucks. Come and join us as we explore roads.


SPACE! That is what we are exploring on today’s episode. Do you know how to make a rocket of your own? We sing some songs and learn about space shuttles.


What flies in the air? Today we continue to explore transport with Air. Have you ever been on an aeroplane? Today we make paper planes, sing 10 little aeroplanes and and so much more. 


Today we explore water transportation. Do you know the song “A sailor went to sea” and “Row row row your boat”? How can items sink and float? We explore this and more!

Sustainability Week


Today we explore Sustainability through Seeds! We sing a song called A Farmer Plants A Seed, we plant some seeds, read a book called I Love The Earth and Create Milk Carton Watering Cans.


In today’s video we, Sing the Recycle song, learn how to sort our items into the correct bin, read a book called Recycling Fun on Peppa Pig, and create artwork with some recycled items.

The Ocean

Today on Hometime with Robbie and Susie we are looking at how we can keep our oceans clean through recycling correctly. Do you know how to keep our waterways clean?


On today’s episode we continue to explore Sustainability and today specifically about Paper! We sing another Recycling song, learn to use both sides of our paper, read a book called Recycling Earth’s resources and even do some weaving.


Today we are learning about worms! Anna goes through what worms like to eat, we learn how we can use leaves for threading, and of course sing some songs. We might even see some worms in today’s video. So come along as we explore WORMS.

Ocean Week


Todays episode is all about fish! Listen to Stacey reading “Rainbow Fish”, fishy songs and learn to make a rainbow fish hand print!


Join us as we continue to explore the ocean. Lauren shows us how to make and ocean sensory bottle and storytime with Anna is “Jinormous Jack”.

The Beach

In todays epsiode we read commotion in the ocean, Renee shows us how to make sand dough and we enjoy songs about the sea.


In today’s episode we learn to make our own jellyfish, learn a song about them and for story time, enjoy “Warduff and the Pelican Pirates”


Today we have lots more to learn about Bubbles. Today we sing a song called Crabs and Seashells, Renee teaches us a song about Tiny Turtles and Stacey creates a bubble experience.

Easter Week

Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of Home time with Robbie and Susie. This week we are exploring the theme of Easter.

Episode 2

In todays episode of Home time with Robbie and Susie, we continue to explore the theme of Easter.

Episode 3

Join us for our 3rd episode as we continue to explore the theme of Easter.

Episode 4

Join us for todays episode of Hometime with Robbie and Susie for a wonderful Bilby story from Susanna while Stacey and Lauren teach us all how to make our own Easter basket ready for Sunday! We hope you enjoy our final Easter episode.