As most of you know, at Little Miracles, we are passionate about teaching our children to read. We are commited to seeing children learn not just to read but to comprehend what it is they are reading. We try and establish a love for the written word.
In the world (today) we are bombarded with easy solutions to ‘simplify’ reading, our need for it and even how we read. Technology has aided in this and in some cases the solutions are useful but sadly, many leave us almost wordless. The use of texting and using shortcuts that we all know seem to make life ‘easier’ and our communication much quicker. I have one friend who has resorted to using the letter K to respond to text messages that usually require an OK. I often wonder what she could possibly do with all that time she saves by eliminating the O in OK… Funny, I know.
I love the written word and I understand how important it is that we not only teach our children but we also live the learning with them. I am passionate about encouraging parents to read with their children. It not only helps them and boosts their confidence but it allows you some much needed ‘down time’ in this busy world we find ourselves in.
Reading with your children allows time and space for conversation to flow, whether it be about the book or perhaps simply the time spent together allows space for the spoken word to grow and develop. I know that as a young mother, spending time buried in a book with my children opened up doors and windows for conversation to flow. Another thing reading with your children brings is the ability to escape. What do I mean by that? Books and stories have the ability to take us into new places and spaces in our imagination. We become world travelers, explorers and adventurers. The written word offers the escape from our every day that is at times, needed. Whether it’s been a tough day at work for you or maybe for your child school proved to be a challenge. Reading can be a relaxing escape that renews and refreshes the soul.
Things you can do to help foster healthy reading habits in your home:
  • Lead by example. Let your children see you reading (remember, Monkey See, Monkey Do)
  • Learn what your child likes to read and visit the library to borrow books.
  • Create a healthy reading space. Perhaps a comfy chair, a bean bag or if you like to cosy up in bed make sure you have a great bedside table lamp.
  • Use a bookshelf and begin to build up a family library
  • Talk about what you are reading or have read at the dinner table.
  • Find 20 minutes/week and commit to a family reading time.
These are just a few ideas that will help you develop reading habits that will flow through their lives. Remember, everyone’s reading habits are different. I have a friend with three children and they all love such different things. The eldest enjoys novels and always has. The middle child likes books on facts and history. The youngest child loves anything with humour. Three children from the same family but with such differing interests.
Explore the world of books with your children and allow the written word to captivate them and to transport them into places they dream about. Spend time reading with them and engage with them. With your little ones, cuddle up in bed and find time to shut off all the outside distractions and enjoy your time together.
The written word is powerful. It can change lives, it can bring people together, it can challenge, motivate and inspire. It can cause people to dream and it can speak directly to the heart. Words move us. Enjoy reading with your children.
Much love,