Teach Your Toddler to Read In Action – Little Miracles Blaxland

Our Little Reading Champions

Soaring through our  Teach Your Toddler to Read Program

by Anneke Westerdyk, Teach Your Toddler to Read Teacher

Today I had the extreme pleasure of visiting our Little Miracles Blaxland centre to see what the amazing children in the Mighty Meteor room are achieving in our highly successful Teach Your Toddler to Read program. This program teaches children the skills they require to begin their journey of reading where educators play literacy based games with all children who attend all Little Miracles centers on a daily basis. That’s right! From birth to 6 years at Little Miracles, all children are learning fundamental skills to help them to read in a fun, play based style. To hear more about our Teach Your Toddler to Read program and to buy your very own kit for home, please visit the website www.teachyourtoddlertoread.com.au.

The purpose of  my visit was to truly celebrate the amazing emergent reading skills that these 4 and 5 year old children are developing under their beautiful educator’s guidance, Emily. With a focus on reading in particular, little Harrison showed off for the camera.  Harrison successfully read a level 3 book and he is only 4!

As you watch the video you will notice some particular skills which we strive to equip all Little Miracles children with before they leave for big school. Such skills include reading left to right; pointing to words and distinguishing between words using one to one correspondence;  using pictures to cue what the story is about; following punctuation including full stops, commas, and speech marks; using the first sound in words to read unfamiliar text; and becoming confident in their abilities to give learning a good go. We highly value this flying start  to literacy and we are thrilled to be able to be a part of your Little Miracle’s learning journey.