As many of you know, I have recently had the priviledge to travel to Rwanda and Bali. These trips are all in an effort to give back and to see children in different parts of the world enjoy the same quality of education our beautiful children receive each and every day and year over year.
Through my travels to these amazing countries I have been captivated by the sights, sounds, vibrant colours and spirit of the people. Yes, I went to impart and as is always the case, I received so much in return. I find myself soaking up so much and coming home filled although I went to deposit into the lives of others. It’s amazing how when we give our ourselves, our time and even our finances we seem to walk away refreshed and often times with a new sense of excitement for what lies ahead. Generousity in action, who knew it could mean something back that you can’t put a value on.
Anyway, in light of school holidays and the winter days that have found us to let the Artisan Souls within your home come to life. As I saw so much creativity through music, dance & art along my travels, I’d like to encourage you to let your homes be filled with creativity. Explore new things, paint new pictures, play new music, dance to a different beat.
I recall a young friend of mine whom, whilst the children were little, would put on different music from around the world and they would dance around the lounge room. Additionally, this same friend would take a globe and spin it and let the children point to a spot and they would explore that country through the internet, and learn as much as they could. She would even do extra research and cook food from the particular country.
Perhaps it’s art or clay projects that your children have been pestering you about. Maybe it’s as simple as finding a new recipe or ‘winging it’ in the kitchen for an afternoon. Whatever the case maybe can I encourage you to call forth the Artisan Soul(s) in your home. Creativity is a wonderful thing and when expressed it can bring healing, it can soothe a soul, it can inspire, motivate and even challenge within.
If you are reading this and thinking, “this all sounds great but I’m not creative. This just isn’t me and I have no idea where to start.” May I suggest that you look outside. God, in his infinite wisdom, has shown us what creativity looks like, smells like and feels like. If this is you, find a moment to go and sit on a hill or by the ocean and ask for creative ideas to invade your space so that you can inturn unlock what lies within your beautiful child(ren).
As always, I promise as you engage the Artisan Soul you will see things within your home that you never expected. Creativity can change an atmosphere, it can bring the most closed child alive, it can calm a troubled or anxious heart/mind, it can ignite the seemingly unignitable and it can bring joy in spaces that require.
May your Artisan Soul(s) fill your homes with the sights, sounds and scents of creativity. May your walls be adorned with Monet’s and your keyboards singing with tributes to Beethovan, let your kitchen creations waft through your windows paying tribute to Julia Child and your stringed instruments play rifts like Eric Clapton.
Be blessed,
Susanna Bateman