I’ve been thinking about all of your little ones this week. And more specifically thinking about children and childhood memories.

It’s October, and so as summer is beginning to poke its way through the morning chill that has been in the air, I have been reflecting on my own childhood. I recall long, lazy days of summer where I was not only wrapped in the warmth of the Aussie sun but in the warmth of my family. The ones I loved and those who loved me. During the summer months, we would spend countless hours at the beach, collecting treasures, doing cartwheels, building sandcastles and jumping waves. I still enjoy all of those things…although I am maybe not as agile with the cartwheels anymore.

Nonetheless, the activities of my childhood have stayed with me over the years. I also remember summer nights when the sun would begin to soften, my dad would cook on an open fire, and we would gather around to eat together. I have fond memories of my childhood, those days of being carefree with the only real concern was having a few coins in our pockets for an ice block or a lolly at the corner shop.

These memories bring me to today and something I have recently discovered which is gramping. No, not glamping as we’ve all become aware of (glamping is glamorous camping) but gramping is a new trend and it’s pretty much as it sounds. It is basically grandparents taking grandchildren on holidays and more specifically, holidays as experiences. Perhaps reliving their own childhood’s, or maybe just an effort to pull them away from technology and to give them an experience they will remember forever.

We need to start asking questions like: ‘will we remember our high score on a video game at the end of our life? Or, will we remember those long lazy days at the beach covered in sand and sunscreen?’ Grandparents are recognising that their kids are overworked and in some cases in debt up to their eyeballs which has led to (at times) technology being the babysitter and they are watching their grandkids become more familiar with the sound of a winning game than the smell of a snag on the barbie.

So, grandparents are stepping in. They have retired, they have time on their side, a little money to help out and they want their grandkids to experience life; so, they are buckling them into car seats, lining up in security checks at the airport and taking them on what is called ’skip-gen’ (skip a generation) trips. We’ve been on a few of these recently and I know there are many, MANY more to come. In this beautiful country of ours, the endless coastline that we are so close to – we so very lucky to be in this part of the world. If you have grandkids, get them excited to spend some time during their school holidays with you.

If you aren’t a grandparent yet, fear not, chances are your parents are the ones who will embark on the adventure. This time is special because you may be able to enjoy some alone time knowing your kids are in great hands, the hands that raised YOU! Let the Gramping begin!