Cool Comets Room

Our Cool Comets room will be a sensory rich environment with additional support from both allied health professionals and a higher educator to child ratio.

Led by Lauren, one of our wonderful educators with a wealth of experience with children with additional needs,  this dedicated team will plan specialised experiences to benefit the children based on their Individual education plans.

To find our more information, please email Lauren on or fill in your name and phone number below and we’ll give you a call.

What We Offer

Supported Play Sessions

Our supported play sessions will be commencing  soon. These play sessions will have different focuses each week and be facilitated by dedicated educators. They are a great opportunity to find out more about what we offer and if our Cool Comets room might be a good fit for your family.

Each play session will include group times consisting of loving literacy, music and movement or growing champions which is a specially developed program that engages social emotional learning in young children in a fun, games based way. Creative and free play will also be available throughout the play session which will be both indoor and outdoor.

Children attending this supported play session need to have a current diagnosis, are undergoing a diagnostic assessment or the family has developmental concerns that they are seeking to address.

Preschool and Long Daycare

Welcoming children aged 2-5 with diagnosed additional needs, children in the Cool Comets room will benefit from all the fantastic programs and resources we provide in other rooms in the centre as well as the following

  • A sensory rich environment that includes unique resources and tailored to meet the needs of the children in attendance on that day.
  • Individual Education Plans (IEPs) these plans will help to ensure all strategies and techniques used with your child will be the most beneficial for them.
  • Higher 1:3 Educator to child ratio
  • Allied health in-services, we will be having a dedicated speech pathologist in the service as well and welcoming other professionals to collaborate with us.
  • Passionate educators with experience in additional needs.

Working Together

We are committed to partnering with both the family and any health professionals your child may be engaged with whether as part of the service here or external. This collaborative approach will enable the best possible experience for both your child,  and your family as a whole. 

This constant dialogue between our educators, your family and therapists will ensure we are all using the most up to date information, and therefore implementing the most effective strategies for your child’s development.