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Generosity and gratitude are two of the most important things we can teach our children. To give and be generous and to have a heart that is filled with gratitude opens up doors that unveil so much. In and through giving and helping others we seem to reach more of our potential and walk more confidently in who we were created to be. When we help others, we never come back empty. Rather, it seems that as we pour ourselves out, we are filled up as almost being revitalised from within, there is a release that seems to happen. I truly believe we have been designed to give to this world, to the planet, to others and in doing so we reap so much. We all know that age old saying, ‘You will reap what you sow’. A great little one liner to weave into our dialogue with our children and something all of us would do well to be reminded of as well.
I believe giving and gratitude are spiritual experiences that can’t be explained and displayed and this is often experienced in unique ways for each person. In teaching our children and grandchildren, Rob and I endeavour to be an example by showing them with enthusiasm how lovely giving is. By showing them something happens to their emotional and social well-being. It’s like the endorphines are being released and that burst of joy and excitement is experienced.
There are many ways families can teach children to give. I’ve listed a few here, however I’m sure many of you could add to this list, and I hope you do.
1)    Each Christmas buy a present for the needy and donate it to a charity to deliver for you or even deliver it yourself.
2)    Go to a local shelter and be involved in meal times. A young friend of mine took her four, school-aged children to do this for the first time on Christmas Day, it blew the kids away and they loved it.
3)    Get involved in your community expression of Pink Day, Yellow Day, Purple Day or White Day. These are incredible opportunities to not only give but to meet some new friends.
I know that by doing these as a family you will bond. It’s things like this that create a sense of worth within our children. These spaces provide them opportunity to see that the world is bigger than perhaps the challenge they are facing. As I said above, by helping others, our capacity is expanded. By helping others your children’s view will be expanded and their understanding will shift. You will see them negotiating their lives differently as their perspective will indeed change. Through giving you are providing your children to live out the famous quote by Gandhi which says, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world today.’
Rob and I have always encouraged our family to look beyond themselves and be aware of people in our immediate world and further afield to see where we can add value to those who need help, respect and love. This Saturday morning I am doing something that I would love to invite you to take part in. I am walking with a group from an organisation called Hope Global to raise awareness and money for Rwanda and to continue to help the amazing people of Rwanda rebuild their lives and develop their country.
You may remember an article I wrote last year about our trip to Rwanda and how through Little Miracles we are doing what we can to help. This year our daughter, Anna and Brianna one of our incredible staff members, are leading some others to Rwanda and continuing our training with Early Childhood Teachers. Our heart is to equip them with the skills they so badly need and want and to help implement programs and systems for those precious children in Rwanda. The children who are the future leaders of that amazing country and we get the opportunity to have an impact upon their lives by contributing to this great charity. We understand that education is key and in and through this, we believe our help and support is lasting. Rather than a hand out, we are giving a hand up which means empowering the people of Rwanda to move from strength to strength. We are honoured to play a small part in rebuilding a nation.
The need in Rwanda is great and we are doing what we can and this weekend we CAN use our voices, our presence, our walking shoes and we can walk in unity and in support of a great work that is being done. So, I invite you to join me this SATURDAY FEBRUARY 28TH from 8:30am-12pm to walk with us. TOGETHER, we CAN make a difference, TOGETHER we CAN show and demonstrate to your lovely children what giving looks like, TOGETHER we CAN teach the next generation to look beyond themselves and to HELP those who find themselves in need.
For more information or to register please check out or click on the photo above or email me on If you plan to join let us know so I can be on the lookout for you.
Much love,