A winter craft made of cardboard with a snowman and snowballs stuck on it

10 Easy-To-Make Winter Crafts for Cosy Kids

What’s the best way to warm up your chilly hands in winter?

By doing some easy-to-make winter crafts with your kids!

Read on for 10 fun activities that will keep your children engaged during the cold winter months. 

What are Winter Crafts?

Winter crafts are any little DIY projects you can do with your kids that are winter themed. During the coldest season of the year, you’re likely to be spending a lot more time cooped up inside, so having some fun activities lined up to keep your kids occupied is a lifesaver!

10 Easy-To-Make Winter Crafts for Cosy Kids

While most Australians are very unlikely to see snow during winter, that doesn’t mean kids can’t make winter crafts that help them imagine being in a snowy winter wonderland!

1. Snowflake Ornaments

If your kids love Paddlepops in the summer, save the sticks for winter!

If you clean them and leave them to dry, they can be used in the colder months for winter crafts. Don’t panic if your kids aren’t ice cream fans, you can easily buy them online.

Simply glue them together so they form an asterisk-shape, and then paint them white and throw some glitter on them for good measure. Then all you need to do is hang them with some fishing line. 

Voila! You’ve got your very own winter paradise!

2. Hang some Icicles

Child making a series of winter crafts, including drawing and painting

You’ve already got some snowflakes, so why not add icicles to the mix?

This is another incredibly easy winter craft to make. Help your child roll up some white pieces of A4 paper. To get a nice pointed shape, roll on a slight angle, this will make the tube get thinner as it goes end with a ‘sharp’ point.

Then use some clear tape to make sure the paper holds its shape. If you’re looking for some places to put them up, we recommend door frames (just mind your head!) or along the overhang of wardrobes and cabinets. 

3. Paint a Winter Scene

Painting is one of the best activities for kids because it can suit any theme. All you have to change is the scene your children paint. 

Try getting them to paint a cosy house in the snow or a smiling snowman. The possibilities are as endless as your child’s imagination!

Because of its versatility as an activity, it’s worth buying an art set so your children can paint all the time. 

4. Snow Globes

 A winter craft DIY snowglobe being made out of a jar and an ornament

DIY snow globes are a classic winter craft that your child will love. All you need is a glass jar, some glitter, water, and a small figurine or decoration to place inside. 

Simply glue the figurine to the underside of the lid, so that when you screw it on it will appear inside the jar. Then fill it up, add the glitter and there you have it – your child’s very own snow globe! All that’s left to do is give it a shake!

5. Toilet Roll Snowman

Don’t throw away those empty toilet paper rolls! Instead, turn them into adorable snowmen. 

Children can paint the rolls white and add buttons, toothpicks or pipe cleaners for arms, and even a small piece of twisted orange paper for a carrot nose. For the final touch, use a little strip of fabric to make a wonderful woolly scarf or a snug beanie!

While this winter craft is great for snowmen, it can be used to make any kind of creature – even dinosaurs!

6. Polar Bears Plates

A child in a jumper drawing on a piece of paper

Got some disposable paper plates and cups laying around? Turn them into cute polar bear faces! 

The plate is already white, so it will perfectly match a polar bear’s coat. Then, stick a white cup to the centre of the plate to act as a nose. Now all your kids need to do is draw on the mouth and eyes with a black marker. Easy-peasy! 

If you really want to go all out, you can even cut eye holes, add some string, and turn it into a polar bear mask!

7. Waddling Penguins

If you’ve got leftover plates after your kids made their polar bears, why not make some penguin friends for them?

Your children can make their own penguins that rock back and forth with this fun winter craft. Paint both sides of a paper plate black, leaving a small circle in the centre unpainted. Then fold the plate in half enough that it can stand up unassisted, but not so much that it is completely flat. 

Now you should have a black plate that rocks on its side as if it was waddling. Simply draw a face on the white bit at the top and there you go, your kids have their very own waddling penguin!

8. Pinecone Owl

Three pinecones that have been turned into owls as part of a winter craft activity

This is the cutest winter craft on this list by far! It’s also a fun outdoor activity to search for pinecones if you have them in your area. If you don’t, don’t stress! They are easy to buy online. 

To make an adorable winter owl, get some glue-on googly eyes, fold some paper to act as a beak, and push cotton balls into the gaps in the pinecone. Trust us – it will look uncannily like real feathers!

If your child wants to personalise even further, try using bits of fabric to craft a little winter coat or beanie. So cute!

9. Decorate a Mug

Who doesn’t love a warm cup of cocoa (milo – we’re in Australia!) on a cold winter day? 

Children can decorate their own mugs with paint markers or acrylic paint. Encourage them to write their name or try to imagine their own original winter scene. This activity is a great way to encourage children to use their imagination and creativity. 

Another great thing about decorating mugs is how challenging it can be for a young child. Drawing or writing on a curved surface is great for fine motor skill development, making this winter craft even more beneficial!

10. Winter Cards

While we may not have a white Christmas in Australia, that doesn’t mean your kids can’t send some winter cards! Try getting them to write a winter-themed birthday card for a sibling or friend.

All you need is construction paper, some markers and glitter to create some inspired snowy scenes! This is a great activity for literacy skill development.

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