School Readiness Program

School readiness at Little Miracles starts from the first day they enter our care, regardless of their age. We also have a specific transition to school program called Flying Start which focuses on more specific skills children need when they enter Kindergarten, this program runs for the 6 months before your child goes to school.

School readiness is multi-faceted, it isn’t just letters and numbers although they are important. Some of the skills we incorporate into our days at Little Miracles include

  • Social and emotional skills
  • Effective communication skills
  • Development of self-help and independence
  • A positive disposition towards learning
  • Gaining confidence to try new things
  • Being part of a group learning experience

At Little Miracles, we are very proud of our Loving Literacy Approach. It is holistic way of engaging children with early literacy experiences has been developed over many years of experience and draws from evidence based research. Little Miracles is passionate about inspiring a love for communication in all its forms – in our Educators, Families and Children.

Our view of literacy is that it is emergent in children, which means it begins at birth. We believe that children’s knowledge about literacy is built through experiences with speaking and listening, songs, drama, early writing experiences and carefully designed games and activities that support the development of phonemic awareness. We believe that children learn best through a play based approach and that children all develop at their own pace, which is why we strive to provide a learning environment with rich experiences and interactions everyday.

By engaging with and delivering the Loving Literacy Approach all educators will be able to provide;

  • A literacy enhanced environment that children can explore through their play – at all ages
  • Support for literacy in all its modes e.g. talking, listening, viewing, dance and drama, technological and critical thinking skills
  • Confident delivery of our phonics based reading program (TYTTR) that is adjusted to the age range and abilities of children through play based activities and supported by resources and games
  • Embedded language and communication experiences delivered throughout the daily curriculum in spontaneous and structured ways
  • Acknowledgment of the experiences that children bring with them from home and in their community, explored through news, projects and community links.

Flying Start is a Transition to school program at Little Miracles that is specifically for the older children and runs in term 3 & 4 in the year prior to your child entering school. This program aims to extend children’s existing knowledge and assist them to build abilities, confidence and behaviours that will support them as they make the transition into school so they will have a ‘Flying Start’. The activities and experiences have been carefully designed to build on the play based learning your child has already been doing and expand them in a more structured format that is more like what they will experience in Kindergarten. The program encompasses the following

  • Being a member of a group learning experience being led by an educator.
  • Games with a higher level of structure and rules to follow.
  • Social problem solving abilities.
  • Cognitive problem solving and early numeracy skills.
  • Being independent in looking after themselves and their belongings
  • Literacy enhancing activities that will scaffold children towards conventional literacy and involves phonics and early reader books.
  • Fine motor skill activities that encourage childrens writing, cuing and creating abilities.

By choosing to enrol at Little Miracles, you really are equipping your child to be the most prepared they can be for school. Our children develop literacy skills that speak for themselves with over 92% of children reading at level 1 or above when they start school and these records are available to be passed onto your childs teacher as they start school.