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Little Miracles Niagara Park

Little Miracles Niagara Park

16 Washington Ave, Niagara Park, NSW, 2250

P: 4328 1292


Call: 4328 1292


Centre Hours: 6.30am-6.30pm

Address: 16 Washington Ave, Niagara Park

Ages: 0 – 6 years old


We Provide: All meals, sunscreen, wipes


Parents Provide: Water Bottle. Change of Clothes, Nappies, Hat (a Little Miracles hat is given free at enrollment) and Resting Time Bedding.

What Parents Are Saying About Little Miracles

Outdoor Play

Outdoor Play

Outdoor Play

Amazing Asteroids Room

Amazing Asteroids Room

Radiant Rainbow Room

Radiant Rainbow Room

Cot Room "Starry Nights"

Outdoor Play

Shining Stars Room

Amazing Asteroids Room

Little Miracles Niagara Park opened in January 2017.  Catering for children 0-6yrs over 5  rooms, Little Miracles Niagara Park is a brand new preschool and long day care in the heart of Niagara Park. With all the modern amenities you would expect with a new centre, along with the expertise and experience of over 15 years operating on the central coast and beyond, Little Miracles Niagara Park looks forward to welcoming your family.

Our beautiful home like environment welcomes up to 98 children each day across 5 rooms. From individualised routines for the younger children to promote a sense of security to our renowned flying start transition to school program. All children benefit from our loving literacy approach, our growing champions program and our nutritious home cooked meals.

Take a walk in our sensory garden of rocks, trees and mulch.  Play in 1 of our 3 large sandpits or for the more active children, choose between our bike tracks, rock climbing walls, slides, cubby house and other climbing equipment. To enhance our sustainability, we have 3 veggie patches which the children are encouraged to cultivate and harvest. Our beautiful landscaped outdoor areas are well shaded by 4 large shade sails and also include 2 undercover areas so we can still enjoy the fresh air in inclement weather.

Call Emily, our Nominated Supervisor on 4328 1292 or email to arrange your tour.

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Little Miracles Niagara Park is accredited with the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority.

“Why Choose Little Miracles?”

Read on to understand the Little Miracles difference…


Flying Start

School Readiness program ensuring your child will be ready for school


Loving Literacy

90% success rate of children reading before they go to school for children attending more than 12months.


Culture of Honour

We aim to help all people that come into contact with Little  Miracles to feel Significant, Appreciated and Understood.


Individualised Routines

Individually tailored routines for all children aged 0-2years


Quality Educators

Trusted, highly trained and hand-picked Educators.


Home-like Environment

Home Away from home aesthetics


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied we will refund your money, no  questions asked.


Orientation Process

Makes the process of you and your child settling into care with  Little Miracles that much smoother



Giving you ‘real-time’ access to your child’s day.

What our parents say…

Read on to hear what our parents are saying…

We cannot speak highly enough of The Educators and program that Little Miracles Niagara park provides the children as they prepare for Primary School. The love and care the provide towards them helping them learn and grow before venturing into that big world is unbelievable.

Little Miracles run a school readiness program called “Flying start”. This really lives up to its name, all the children were more than ready to start school as well as already being able to do all the tasks that a kindergartener learns in their for few months at school.

Our child already went to school knowing  his letters, numbers, syllables, reading, writing and understanding  about basic mathematics and comprehension.

The readiness they provide also helped with the transition into big school as there was no worries from the children (or parents) about things like toilet times, lunch boxes, lunch orders and not to mention listening and following instructions.

If you would like your child to get a head start before school, we suggest that Little Miracles Niagara park is definitely the preschool to attend. We have witnessed 4 children from Little Miracles enter the school life at my sons Primary school and all 4 children are excelling above and beyond, and not to mention they are the most beautiful, polite, well behaved children.

Thank you Niagara Park Little Miracles and Educators for everything. We miss you so much and am so Proud of our son who has adjusted to the Primary School life so easily because of your help in preparation.

Kristy and Calvin Hudson

We have nothing but positive feedback! it has been such a great experience! All staff have been wonderfully supportive and encouraging. Thanks for giving Aria and all the children a beautiful start to education and so much more.
Lenise Bray

I have been very happy with Little Miracles. Ivy has enjoyed every moment and its been great watching her confidence grow & Learn. Thank you.
Kristy Drakos

I wanted to send you this message to remind you all how amazing you are. I am a Primary School teacher myself and I understand the passion, dedication and hard work that goes on behind the scenes each day. I know that sometimes you come to work dealing with your own battles, yet push everything aside to care for many children and babies.

We came to you just after my rocky relationship at the time had ended. I was apprehensive to leave my children and go to work, worrying if I was making the right choice. Like every parent, I wanted the very best for my children. When I arrived to pick them up for their first day, I was greeted with the biggest smile from Erica, one of the wonderful educators at Niagara Park. She giggled, and told me how much of a ‘Little Teacher’ my Jorja was. How she loved, loved, LOVED! your phenomenal literacy program. How you taught the alphabet in the Carnine order. Not long later, ‘The Board’ (with the magnetic pictures and letters) arrived and we took it home. Jorja was so proud to teach her Grandparents the song of each letter, what sounds they made and what the letters looked like. She took ‘The Board’ to bed, to play dates, in the car and even tried to take it in the bath. I would love to share with you a video of Jorja (age 2 & 1m) identifying various phonemes & graphemes. She knew her whole alphabet and each sound by this age.

My son also attended LM and was beyond excited to hear that another of your wonderful educators, Shannon, had worn ‘The Hulk’ socks to build a rapport with some of the boys that attend. It was awesome knowing my son was so happy each day because he was able to talk to her about Batman and The Hulk (boys things).

Fast forward to 2021, my son finished Year 1 (2020) doing Year 8 level sight words and Jorja is about to start Kindergarten. She starts school knowing how to decode words, write sentences sounding out, she is writing and READING books! When she is stuck sounding out a word, I hear her start singing the songs from ‘The Board’ and I smile knowing where her journey started.

I will continue to recommend your amazing preschool to as many people as I can. Thank you for every meal you made, every piece of craft/art you planned, each focus area to explore, the tactile and exploration activities, celebrating various cultures and their significances, incursions, the animals that shared a home, the friendly chat to parents to share their child’s day and little things they did to make us laugh and immersing my children in the most wonderful experiences.

I know that one day my little Jorja will be wearing a purple shirt, following in the footsteps of the wonderful educators who have taught her.

My dearest thanks,

Emily Bell