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Little Miracles Niagara Park opened in January 2017.  Catering for children 0-6yrs over 5  rooms, Little Miracles Niagara Park is a brand new preschool and long day care in the heart of Niagara Park. With all the modern amenities you would expect with a new centre, along with the expertise and experience of over 15 years operating on the central coast and beyond, Little Miracles Niagara Park looks forward to welcoming your family.

Our beautiful home like environment welcomes up to 98 children each day across 5 rooms. From individualised routines for the younger children to promote a sense of security to our renowned flying start transition to school program. All children benefit from our loving literacy approach, our growing champions program and our nutritious home cooked meals.

Take a walk in our sensory garden of rocks, trees and mulch.  Play in 1 of our 3 large sandpits or for the more active children, choose between our bike tracks, rock climbing walls, slides, cubby house and other climbing equipment. To enhance our sustainability, we have 3 veggie patches which the children are encouraged to cultivate and harvest. Our beautiful landscaped outdoor areas are well shaded by 4 large shade sails and also include 2 undercover areas so we can still enjoy the fresh air in inclement weather.

Call Emily, our Nominated Supervisor on 4328 1292 or email to arrange your tour.

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Little Miracles Niagara Park is accredited with the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority.

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Niagara Park Information

Call: 4328 1292


Centre Hours: 6.30am-6.30pm

Address: 16 Washington Ave, Niagara Park

Ages: 0 – 6 years old


We Provide: All meals, sunscreen, wipes


Parents Provide: Water Bottle. Change of Clothes, Nappies, Hat (Little Miracles provides a free hat upon enrollment) and Rest Time Bedding.

Outdoor Play

Outdoor Play

Outdoor Play

Amazing Asteroids Room

Amazing Asteroids Room

Radiant Rainbow Room

Radiant Rainbow Room

Cot Room "Starry Nights"

Outdoor Play

Shining Stars Room

Amazing Asteroids Room

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Why Choose Little Miracles?


Flying Start

School Readiness program ensuring your child will be ready for school.


Individualised Routines

Individually tailored routines for all children aged 0-2 years.


Orientation Process

Well-thoughout onboardind process to ensure you and your child settle into life with Little Miracles smoothly.


Loving Literacy

90% success rate of children reading before they go to school for children attending more than 12months.


Quality Educators

Trusted, highly trained and hand-picked Educators.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied we will refund your money, no questions asked.


Culture of Honour

Our goal is to ensure every child that attends Little Miracles feels significant, appreciated and understood.


Home-like Environment

Ensuring a sense of beloning away from home through friendly educators, and home-like aesthetics.



Giving you ‘real-time’ access to your child’s day.

Niagara Park Little Miracles Enquiry

Take A Look At What Our Parents Say

Little Miracles Niagara Park is a great childcare centre. I have loved seeing my daughter flourish! Their literacy program from the baby room learning sounds and letters has been fun to watch setting the kids up for school and overall love of reading. With their gift of a book each month reiterates their love for children and their future learning and love of reading. The farm is also a winner on the days we have hard drop offs. The staff are accomodating and friendly. Emily is a great director to guide and support all families through the individual needs you have or that arise.

Elisha Wenner

I cannot speak highly enough of the team at Little Miracles Niagara Park. We have been part of the Little Miracles community for 2.5yrs now, and both my son and daughter attend multiple days. I love how every part of their day, included photos are communicated back to the parent via a convenient app. The daily routines and educational programs included give me complete confidence that my children are engaged and learning in a fun way and taking the first steps to be school ready. For me what far exceeds expectation is how every educator seems to know my kids names and routines, even though they look after different rooms, this shows how much care and love the eductors have for every child who attends. Would recommend Little Miracles Niagara Park to everyone.

Kimberly Shepherd

I cannot recommend Little Miracles Niagara Park highly enough. I had to suddenly return to work 3 months before planned and my little guy was thrown into the deep end starting daycare. The staff have been nothing but supportive, caring and nurturing towards my baby. They have shown a real interest in getting to know all about our lives and are building a safe, loving and nurturing rapport with us. I could not be happier.

Jessica Freestone

I highly recommend the team at LM Niagara Park. I have two children enrolled in the center in separate rooms and I cannot fault either room. My children are surrounded by loving and dedicated educators and I feel so comfortable leaving them there knowing that they are so well cared for. The educators aren’t there for a job, they genuinely love what they do and it shows.
Niagara Park LM is one of the best centers I have been to.

Alyssa Speering

I couldn’t recommend Little Miracles Niagara Park enough. The educators are so beautiful, I can tell how comfortable and how much fun my daughter is having at day care. It make’s it so much easier when you have educators whom work with you and your child’s routine and whom just love playing with your child/ren also.

Jade Ball

I can’t speak highly enough of Little Miracles at Niagara Park. The staff are energetic and engaged, and their focus on the children’s welfare and development is obvious from the get-go. My son is excited for every day like it’s his first, and I would have no hesitation recommending the centre to any parent.

Dane Eldridge

Everything about this centre is AMAZING! The staff all know your name, but more importantly, they all know and love your child no matter the age group they are working in. They have multiple rooms split for ages, so you can really foster age appropriate developmental growth of your little one. Their teach your toddler to read program is brilliant; even though some parents might not think this is imperative, it has been such a wonderful program for my little girl, delivered in such a way that the building blocks to phonics are introduced with fun songs, manipulative boards and even an iPad app if that’s your thing. They gift your child with books regularly, to encourage a love of reading. They have thorough and extensive programming to ensure your little one is busy and active throughout the day, as well as appropriate quiet times or sleep time opportunities. Food is provided and menus are awesome, and their communication with parents all throughout the day via an app, allows you to see what your little one is up to easily. Apart from all these wonderful things I have mentioned, and I could go on, it is well and truly the ethics and mannerisms of the wonderful staff there that have made this centre an amazing choice for us. They are always smiling, always happy, always inviting to the children and to the parents. They all work incredibly hard and as most know, early childhood educators are such an important aspect in child development in the first five years of a child’s life. We appreciate and value them, and they deserve it! I have no hesitation in leaving this review for this centre. I have not been been offered an incentive to do so, it is truly where my heart is at, and how grateful I am for their care of my little Miss. We recommend them, 100%.

Michelle Perkins

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