With the outdoors lifestyle enjoyed by most of us in this country, rainy days can sometimes take a bit more thought, especially when it rains for days like it has recently! With Autumn upon us we have put together a list of some of our favourite things to do on a rainy day.

1) Cooking:

Whether it’s making some special treats or just getting the children to help you make lunch, cooking is fun for children of all ages.

2) Play dough:

Especially making your own, if you are unsure how to make it, we’ve posted it just here for your convenience.

3) Movies at home:

It doesn’t always have to be a latest release; why not introduce your children to one of your favourites from when you were growing up. Make some popcorn and snuggle in for a family movie.

4) Seasonal craft:

There is always an occasion coming up! Keep supplies on standby to make some birthday cards, Easter craft or a friendly not for your neighbour. After all Easter is only 4 weeks away!

5) Special trip out:

Go the cinema, museum, Art Barn or soft play. If you are on a budget, try your local shopping centre for a children’s play area.

6) Dress Ups:

For many children they love to dress up as their heros – so where do you find a Hero’s wardrobe… YOUR bedroom! Dress them in Mum or Dads business shirt, add a tie, high visibility vests are often a winner, drape your uniform on them and let them try and walk in your work shoes. Don’t forget to have a photo shoot, these moments make memoires.

7) Family Board Games & Puzzles:

This is especially good for older children but even younger ones can play snap! Choose a puzzle that suits your family’s ability level and attempt it together. Puzzles can build children’s problem solving skills, patience and mathematical thinking.

8) Have a Family Dance Party:

Dancing doesn’t have rules so turn the music up, let your hair down and jump around with your children. Dancing is a great stress reliever and children love to see you having fun and acting silly. For older children, you could have Karaoke or a Dance show. It’s a great opportunity to build a child’s self-esteem… after all there is no right or wrong, just have fun!

9) Build a Cubby/Fort:

Imagination is a wonderful thing. Set up a pop up tent or even just hang up some sheets, get out the sleeping bags and go pretend camping. My children also like pretend fishing off the couch.

10) And last but not least, get wet!

Put on gumboots and a raincoat; Jump in the puddles, search for snails, look for flowers full of water, see what kind of critters your backyard attracts in the rain, pursue the rainbow…just be sure to have fun.

What are you favourite things to do on a rainy day?