honourAs many of you know, honour is a word I love. To honour is to give high respect and great esteem (esteem: n. respect and admiration).
At Little Miracles we hold honour as one of our core values because we know that when people are honoured something shifts within that is then translated externally. Creating a culture of honour starts from the top and filters all the way throughout an organisation and in an organisation or family like Little Miracles that means that it filters all the way through to the kids.
I believe that in the day and age that we live, honour is a word that needs to be revered. Not only the word but living in a way that honours others. I don’t often watch television (other than when I watch the sports with Rob) or listen to the radio (I’m more of a podcast and music person) however on the odd occasion that I do watch or listen I’m troubled by the lack of honour one toward another that I hear. Sadly, honouring people seems to have been eclipsed by often crude humour or cutting one another down.
Speaking of television, there is a show that I plan to watch at the end of this year. It’s a show on CNN called ‘CNN Heros’ and it’s hosted by Anderson Cooper. This show highlights people who have been nominated by viewers; they are people that have done the extraordinary or in some cases have narrowly escaped death or have impacted another’s life in a positive way.
This is a show I would encourage you to watch. It’s a nice way to ‘end the year’ and be reminded that honouring people for the great works they have done for simply for the incredible human being that they are. It’s a show that places honour, where honour is due.
At Little Miracles we will continue to teach and lead by example by creating a culture that honours in every direction – teacher to teacher, teacher to student, student to teacher, teacher to parent, child to parent. Honour, when done right is like a tree with many branches. A tree flourishing and bursting with life. May we always be people who honour one another. And, as always, make sure you follow your centre on Instagram and use our hashtag #littlemiraclescommunity to stay connected to the wider family.
honour:  |ɒnə| n.
1. high respect; great esteem.
With much love, honour and respect,