Christmas Tips

Last week I wrote about relaxing and not stressing during this busy season. I hope that article resonated with some of you. This week I’d like to share a few quick ideas that can help make life easier for you. I’ve chosen a few food ideas that will give you the peace of knowing you are feeding your family well, plus saving time and money. Additionally, I’ve included a few simple ideas on keeping little ones busy whilst you cook, bake and create and turn your home into a Christmas Wonderland.

Christmas Recipes for Kids:
For these I headed to where I found some great ideas that are super simple for the kiddies to make happen under your busy but watchful eye. I especially like the Tiny Teddy Santa Sleigh. That looks so cute and fun to create. I can just hear the giggles around your table, the sticky fingers and faces will make your baking all the more fun. The Christmas Angel Ice Creams look like fun too, although a little longer to enjoy (due to the icecream part) this is a great lesson in ‘delayed gratification’. Actually, watch for my article in the New Year on this subject, one I think you’ll all enjoy.

Make Gift Wrapping Fun:
If you’re anything like myself and many mother’s out there, Christmas Eve becomes a late night because we stay up so late wrapping all those last minute gifts. Or, perhaps all of them because you’ve left them to the last minute. Don’t worry, it happens to all of us.

In an effort to help you avoid that painful and tiring experience I have found a great video that I would like to share with you. This girl is so clever and makes gift wrapping fun rather than painful. I love her idea for the musician in the house. Very cute.

Healthy Food Ideas Made in Advance:

This is something I have come to love. With a large family being prepared is essential. I love having a few things in the fridge, ready to go and I like to know that they are healthy. During this season, we are often filled with sugar and sweets so I find it comforting to know that I have prepared some ‘healthier yet tasty options’ in advance. In our home, we never know when a lazy afternoon will turn into dinner or unexpected guest just drop in to share some Christmas Cheer.

I have a young friend, Susan, who loves to cook and share her culinary wisdom with others. She does this in an effort to see families enjoy food together rather than endure what can be a thankless job. Something she posted recently was two simple yet yummy salad dressing that I thought I would share. Also, feel free to browse around her website, all of her food suggestions are tried and true and tested in her kitchen at home by her family & friends.

Homemade Caesar Salad Dressing & Asian Salad Dressing. Perfect for summer dining!

I hope these fun, simple and budget friendly ideas help you through this special time of year. Enjoy the days ahead and remember to plan, drink water and get some sleep.

Much love,