Hello lovely ones… I hope your week and weekend has been filled with joy and laughter and that you are settling into the school year with ease. For those of you with older children I hope you have come unstuck from all the contacting you’ve done over the past few days. For many of you I can only imagine that this weekend was filled with soccer, dance, football, oztag and a variety of other registations. I encourage you to keep breathing and know that ‘this too shall pass’.

As life is busy and the weeks feel like they are slipping away quickly, I thought I would share a helpful recipe with you this week. It’s easy and satisfies the palates of both young and old. It’s simple but has a twist providing you with the ability to show your culinary flare, with your family and friends. Being a mother of four and a now grandmother I know how challenging it is to get a great meal on the table whilst family life is happening.

So, in an effort to help you build health into your family I hope you enjoy this little life tip that comes in the form of a recipe. Enjoy and be ready for your family to ask for seconds. Have the best week and remember last weeks word of encouragement and take time to smell the roses. My hope is that what I’ve shared this week will allow you space and piece of mind providing opportunity to be together as a family. Together, around the dinner table or preparing the meal together. Why not give your children a job to do to help, they could do things like: set the table, chop the veggies (supervised, of course) make the patties or even manage the mixing. Whatever the case maybe, they will love the planned meal and the time spent with you.

FYI, this recipe is a ‘How To’ video and for more of these please check out my friend, Susan Sohn’s website with all of her lovely recipes that she loves to share (http://www.getreallive.com/category/recipes/)….. Enjoy!

Much Love,

Susanna Bateman