Dear Little Miracles family,

I know you would be very aware of the fires in the Mountains. Daniel and I went up to our Blaxland centre yesterday to support them and see how they were all going. I am pleased to say up until now there has only been one family who has lost their house. We are looking at how we can support this couple, they are Grandparents of one of the children and they regularly drop off and pick up their grandchild so they are very much part of the Little Miracles family.

People have been very generous bringing in things to our Blaxland centre so we can deliver them to a collection point in the area which has been fantastic. We would love to be able to support the Bush Fire Appeal, if you could support by giving a monetary donation of any kind please take it to your centre when you drop off or pick up your children. We will wait until the fires are over and under control and then giving priority to our Little Miracles family, we will assist where needed.

We were able to see firsthand just what a hard journey this has been and continues to be for our families and staff.

We have fathers who are volunteer fire-fighters who have not only put their lives on the line but who have seen first hand the devastation that has been caused for the people whos houses were lost.

There are many stories to be told as you can imagine, some of miracles and relief, some of heartache and loss. Many are stories of exhaustion, both physical and emotional from being evacuated not once but two or three times. Packing up the cars, trying to explain to little ones that they can’t take everything that is dear to them, only one special thing and essentials.  As you can imagine they think all they want to take are essentials, so often the children are very upset whilst driving away from their home. This is hard once, but to be doing it multiple times is very upsetting and emotionally draining and the parents are trying to stay calm all through this so the children don’t live in fear.

One of our beautiful mums came home excitedly with her newborn baby on Thursday morning, as she was settling herself, the baby and her toddler she was unexpectedly told to evacuate immediately.  Having has a caesarean she wasn’t supposed to drive let alone be packing all the things she knew she needed for the newborn into the car as she was unsure when and if she would be able to come home.  She struggled and did her best, packed and drove to safety on her own, glad to be safe with her two little ones.  Then they were told they could return home after staying with family only to have to evacuate again the day after they got home.

Many of my staff have had houses in their street lost and homes in the street behind them gone.  One had fire come up to her fence just after she hurriedly evacuated with her two small children, there was no time for warnings to be given to her, fortunately she had the common sense to act on her gut feeling. When the house became so full of smoke and she could hardly see she was out of there. She was welling up with tears as she told me how close they had come to disaster.

There is story after story of miracles like this, having said that you can see the toll it has taken on them all, the devastation, the uncertainty for almost a week, having to be continually packed with the most important essentials not know what’s next.

Today we have had to close the centre because of lock down, the whole community is holding their breath waiting to see if the predictions which are totally extreme come to pass and what the end result will be. More loss, more fear, more comradeship or a miracle.

We are praying for them all, please support our Little Miracles families with us, through donations, prayers, lighting candles or however you feel comfortable.

Another way that I know will make the world of difference to parents and staff is messages of encouragement to them, they will definitely feel loved and valued if you could send them something in writing even if it’s only very small. If you feel comfortable doing this please send your words of support and encouragement to We will print them all up and display them around the centre for all to see so they can feel loved by us all.

We love you all, we love our great country’s Aussie spirit, let’s get in there and hold them up, stand in the gap for them and show them they are not on their own. They belong to a greater community that loves and values them, the Little Miracles Family.

Much love