Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 5.46.27 amI came across a beautiful post on Facebook this week and I just had to share it with everyone. This is my heart for every child and especially every Little Miracle that attends our Child Care Centres. My heart raced as I watched this amazing teacher speak life into every beautiful child in his class.

These children are being set up for success every day they are in his care. They are also being set up for a life of believing in their future with a strong foundation that can’t be shaken. Those first eight formative years are crucial to what we think and believe about ourselves and what we, therefore, achieve in life.

This teacher deserves a medal of appreciation not only from the parents of these children but from all of us for helping create children that will be a great asset to their community and the world. The children that have life spoken into and over them every day are being empowered to live abundant lives and to love and respect others around them because they are confident in who they are. I love how he is so personal with his compliments and I adore how the children agree with him.

You can always tell those who are familiar with being empowered and those who rarely receive compliments. Those who can receive them well are used to them, those who reject them and feel uncomfortable receiving them are not as used to hearing them.

Let’s be parents, carers and grandparents who go out of our way to speak life into and over our children and each other. The world is hurting so much at the moment and maybe there would be fewer people filled with so much anger and fear if more of us were on a mission of speaking life into and over others and especially the children in our lives.

These precious children are special needs children and this fabulous teacher sees the potential in them and stresses that potential to them, he is not highlighting their limitations, he is highlighting their potential that is evident within them and a lot of people would miss. What we focus on is what we see, whether it is with people or situations.

This teacher looks beyond the glaringly obvious and finds the precious gold that most would miss because they can’t see beyond the limitations. Let’s teach our children to look for the gold in others no matter what their limitations are, reminding them that there is gold within themselves also.

We all have limitations, however, when we are encouraged to look beyond them and find the gold within we all soon begin to shine. I want every child who attends Little Miracles to know and believe in their potential; I want every one of my grandchildren to do the same.

I honour this young man; I see him as the teacher of the year and decade because he is creating strong confident, caring children who will grow into strong, confident, caring adults and by doing so he is changing their world and the world for better.

Let’s all do our part of changing the world by the children we are helping to create by what we speak into and over them.

Bless you, watch, enjoy and learn.