Mother’s Day is over and the flowers may have wilted, the chores now rest on your shoulders again, and the relaxation from the massage has faded. Nevertheless, don’t allow the afterglow to make you feel any less special. Your children remain in love with you and even though there may be times over the next 300+ days that you question that, I promise you they do. They see you, they feel you and they need you in ways you may not even understand or dare I say recognise.

I encourage you as you go through the coming days, weeks and months which all lead up to another celebration of motherhood to find the affections (that were shared so freely last Sunday) in everyday life. Find it in the good morning smiles, in the bedtime story time and prayers, the hugs before and after school when they have missed you for the whole day. Or, in the 100th time, your little one has asked ‘why’ or needed their little bottom wiped (yes, even there you can find it).

Our children are our hearts walking around on legs. They take our breath away, they hold us captive with their stories and the moments we spend with them fill us to overflowing in a way that makes us almost burst with love. We watch them ride bikes for the first time, drive cars and eventually sit alone on aeroplanes with the world waiting for them to discover the roads less travelled, the synagogues, cathedrals, the art, the people and at the same time discovering who they are.

They make up so much of us. There are thousands of moments of sacrifice but thousands more of greater joy and reward. This video I have found shows us just that. How we give up so much of us through our parenting journeys but the return is something greater than we could ever imagine. I really hope you like the video, it definitely impacted me.

(Watch more of their great videos here)

More than just Mother’s Day where the cards are beautiful and the flowers and gifts spoil us on that one special Sunday, we are mothers all year round, and your children know that too. They spoil you yet they do not need to because just breathing and loving and the little butterfly kisses are enough to last a lifetime.

We are mothers when we send our children to school and we are mothers when we watch them graduate, when we change their nappies and when we get them ready for their weddings. We are mothers when we teach them how to read and when we teach them how to drive when we watch them leave us for the first time – knowing and hoping that they will someday return.

I hope these beautiful reassurances will sustain you through the hard days and let you know that even the hard days are good days because your beautiful children are yours and you know exactly how to love them. And you will raise them to be the best possible humans they can be.

Much love,

Susanna.       #littlemiraclescommunity