Here is a heart-warming story for your Wednesday, and by the way Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovers out there.

I recently stumbled upon this beautiful video of a ballerina; her name is Madame Suzelle Poole. Ballet is beautiful, and I have always admired the grace and beauty of moving across the stage. I love to watch my granddaughters enjoy dance no matter how old they are – oh my heart smiles as I watch them jump and leap across the stage. And, credit to Miss Ricki of Rockstudios for being such a loving and patient teacher.


Ms. Poole is indeed no ordinary ballerina, friends, she is 77. Yes! You read it right!!! She has been classically trained, performed and has taught ballet in dance schools all around the world for seven decades. She started her career in England and trained there, she then became a soloist for the Houston Ballet and while doing so taught students at the Houston Ballet Academy. Ms Poole still performs and tours professionally and the video I stumbled upon BBC’s Amazing Humans –  “The 77-Year-Old Ballerina Who Inspires Others To Pursue Their Dreams” sings to my soul.

Her heart, her attitude and her passion are just inspiring. I hope that you read this and that whatever your passion is sparks anew or afresh in your head, mind and soul. Maybe watching this video has offered you the opportunity to reflect on dreams that have yet been realised because life has had some twists and turns. Perhaps you had children and had to put things on hold for awhile. Or, maybe a move inter-state or to the next suburb. Maybe an injury changed the course of life, and you had to press pause, or perhaps you lost enthusiasm, and your courage slipped away. Whatever the case may be, it’s never too late, and Ms Poole demonstrates that. I love how one of the  ballet students in the video says it so perfectly – “no matter how young or old you are; you can still do the things that you love.”

Please be reminded to never give up on the dreams that you had as children, for we know that even as we grow older, our hearts are only as young as we decide them to be. Maybe today is the day you dust off the ballet shoes or open the lid to the piano or perhaps pick up a paintbrush or a pen or lace up your basketball shoes. What is it for you?

Ms Poole says, “I hope I give a message to the children; life is too short not to do what you want to do. It’s never too late. So start doing what you love doing now.” Watching how incredibly long her career in ballet has been, will and has inspired others to chase their passions. Regardless of how old or how experienced, starting something new or starting something again is always worth it. It’s never too late, do not be disheartened instead allow this story to inspire you.

Age is just a number. I’m sure when Madame Suzelle began her dancing career at seven like many young girls do, she didn’t imagine she would still be doing what she loved seventy years later. As a regular performance opportunity, you see her and her students visit local nursing homes to bring a beam of happiness with entertainment for the residents (who could even be younger than her). What a beautiful community endeavour!

The message of the video although it focuses on dancing is not restricted to ballet. But it certainly highlights the dedication, love, and hard work that is required to follow something and be in your passion space for so long. Ballet is gruelling, and the fitness level of ballerinas, let alone a 77-year-old ballerina is incredible.

Start doing what you love if you haven’t already. Find that something that makes your heart younger and share it with your close circles. And, as I said earlier, whether it’s dusting off the ballet or basketball shoes, etc., or taking up a new hobby, writing, starting a book club, painting, an exercise you can share with your group or finding quiet spaces to focus on yourself when the children are off.

Let’s be all be different versions of a 77-year-old ballerina, be blessed today.

Much love,

Susanna Bateman #littlemiraclescommunity