On Wednesday it will be Christmas Day.

So, from myself, Rob and all of our fantastic team at Little Miracles I want to say a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year that is to come. I recently watched a video of a comedian who asked people to stop complaining and have a good Christmas. What I liked about this video is how absurd the thought of complaining and whinging during such a festive and celebratory time. But we are still prone to it.

These last few days before Christmas, there is chaos and borderline anarchy at the shopping centres.

There are long queues and short tempers and flustering retail assistants and upset, hungry and fed-up children and parents that are barely holding it together. This doesn’t sound necessarily very nice, but it’s part of our reality.

In light of this, I would like to set a challenge to be kind to each other this Christmas. When we set this as a goal, no matter how abstract it feels – we find it either very difficult or very easy to achieve especially this time of year. Kindness cools down any heated situation – be that family politics or car park feuds. So, make an effort to be kind to each other.

Even though all the lead-up and preparation can be stressful, let’s do our best to make Christmas day as beautiful and exciting as possible. Your kindness will be appreciated.

Be kind to your families

To your parents and siblings, aunties, uncles and cousins and those further removed that you don’t often see (maybe for a good reason). To gather and celebrate being together is an extraordinary moment. Make sure those who are preparing the meal know that their efforts have not gone unseen and when everyone is experiencing the Turkey coma that follows why not let kindness rule and offer help in the clean-up.

Be kind to your friends

Christmas seems like it’s the hardest time to organise and see those you love. With work wrapping up and Christmas parties a-plenty, trying to fit in a catch-up before the end of the year can be difficult and frustrating but don’t let it get to you if there isn’t time. The BUSY that we all feel is undoubtedly in the air, and they most certainly haven’t forgotten about you!

Be kind to strangers

This is most prevalent in the shopping chaos. Waiting in line together is tedious and not where either of you wants to be, so make the most of it. Engage in conversations instead of staying silent – be open and gentle, and you will be surprised with the responses you may get! Maybe you have bought the same item, or you’re struggling to find something for a particular person. Make jokes about the presents your kids asked for and share what you’re making for Christmas lunch. Be kind also to the retail assistants who work hard to help you out. 

Be kind to yourself

Being kind to all seems like a challenge, but I promise that once you try, it comes easily. But being kind to yourself is also vital. Maybe Christmas is a difficult time for you for different reasons, you have reflected on a hard year, or perhaps the absence of loved ones hits you hard when the celebration is in the air, and everyone is together. During the day, pause what you’re doing for a minute. Look around and see everything that is good.

Merry Christmas all – may God’s most precious blessing be on you and your family this week and the rest of the year that is coming.