It’s definitely beginning to look and feel like Christmas. Our centres are decorated ever so beautifully, the children are filled with a sense of anticipation and excitement and the smell of mangoes and cherries fill the air. I wish we could bottle this feeling and sense that surrounds us. It’s such a gorgeous time of year.

I understand how busy life can get, especially as Christmas approaches. I find it quite amazing that we need to fit so many things into December: the plays, concerts and end of year parties will no doubt be filling your schedules. Not to mention trimming the tree, decorating your house, baking sugar cookies, shopping and whatever else it may be that means Christmas in your home.

I want to encourage you today to relax and try not to stress. I know we say this every year and there are some great tips and strategies out there, however they tend to get lost amidst all the wrapping paper and tape. Take it from this seasoned Mother and Grandmother – you will get thru the season even if the pavlova flops on Christmas Day/Eve.

As you know, through Little Miracles, we always love to be giving back and throughout the year and we do so through our different initiatives. Whether it be ‘Bali Life’ or ‘Teach a Toddler to Read’ in Africa there are many opportunities to bless others. Christmas is a great time for you to teach your children to give. It has been said, ‘It is better to give than to receive,’ and what a great opportunity we have at Christmas to demonstrate this.

Actually, the story of Christmas is a great teaching tool. Whether you believe in the birth of Christ, or not, it offers a beautiful lesson on how we are so valued and cared for that even a Father would give his Son so that we could have eternal life. Now, keep in mind, this isn’t a preach at all, rather I am suggesting using this story much like we do Pinnocchio in an effort to teach about lying or how the Harry Potter or Narnia Series encourages us to use our imagination. The Christmas story offers such a beautiful example of life and the hope of a Saviour.

Christmas offers a unique opportunity to go and see and experience. Being a Christian holiday, many Churches host beautiful carols by candlelight evenings or even Christmas Spectaculars. Community is always welcome and I can assure you the kids will enjoy being entertained for a few hours in air-con.

In regards to giving, why not check out some of the great opportunities online whereby kids help kids. One organisation we support is Hope Global and you can check them out. Some other greats are: Samaritans Purse | Care for Children | A Girl & Her World.

Have a look around and see what resonates with your family and remember ‘it truly is better to give than receive’.

Enjoy these days / weeks ahead. Don’t stress the small things, major on the majors and minor on the minors. We pray God’s blessing to you and your lovely family.

Much love,


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