Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 6.06.29 pmI am sitting in one of my favourite chairs in my home with the beautiful winter sun streaming in through the window warming me and relaxing me to the core of my body and spirit.
As I sit here thinking about this warmth, I realise just how nature and creation and all the varied beauty brings peace and strength to our soul and spirits. We are such complex beings. I believe creation and all its beauty have been given to us by the creator to take us to a place of peace and rest within ourselves and an awareness of true majesty and beauty.

I don’t know about you but when I watch some of the magnificent documentaries on nature and all its intricate components I am truly humbled and inspired. As I watch the tremendous power in the breaking waves over the rocks at my local beach and then see them roll gently onto the shore, I am totally blown away by the majesty of it all. It doesn’t surprise me why so many surfers say surfing is just as much a spiritual experience as it is a physical experience, our sons included.  Our gorgeous daughter Anna always has even as a Toddler, been captivated by nature, she has always appreciated even the smallest bug, flower or butterfly and treasured the beauty in them.
Her children are growing up treasuring the experiences they are given as she is often bringing their attention to nature that is in their everyday lives.

I think it is wonderful that through technology our children have opportunities to learn and explore. Although I love the technology, I hope children are always given the priceless opportunity to explore and appreciate the mysteries and adventures that the beauty and variety that all five of their senses can experience through creation.
I would love to encourage us all as parents and grandparents to make sure we stop and look at the majesty, variety, beauty and pleasure in creation for ourselves and our children.

Let’s enjoy the different seasons. The beauty that they bring into our lives. The different experiences such as going to the beach and exploring the sand between their toes, making sand castles, watching how dry sand doesn’t work but by adding water it’s consistency changes and is perfect for sand castles.
Looking at the small butterfly and how they come in varied sizes and colours, how their life cycle is so short and what that means for them.

Playing in the rain, feeling how it makes us cold, splashing in the puddles and talking about how and why the water splashes up when we stomp our feet.
Go on bush walks and see how many different species of plants we can find and how they all complement each other.
I love seeing the beautiful autumn leaves fall from one of the trees in one of our Little Miracles Child Care Centres. The leaves fall on the ground and the children have such fun playing with them and creating masterpieces with their finds.

It’s amazing how when we connect to the beauty of creation it soothes our soul and spirits. And, when we engage our children in this adventure we feed their imaginations, their intellect and their little spirits are soothed because creation has that unexplainable effect on us.

I know this because in my life, when I work out with my Personal Trainer inside the gym, my body benefits and becomes stronger. However, when we work outside which we always do if weather permits, my spirit and soul benefit as well. I feel so much stronger and connected not to mention the vitamin D soaking into my body.
This morning I was working out pushing up some weights that made my arms burn but each wave that broke over the rocks forcing the water high gave me the inspiration to push higher and harder.

I believe that exploring and enjoying creation, whether it be dry deserts, magnificent beaches or beautiful countryside, Australia opens a grand, exciting dimension to our children’s development and our own.

There is something within creation that the Creator has planned to take us to a state of peace and expectancy through the majesty of it all. I want to encourage everyone to stop and breathe and help the children to breathe in all that creation has to tell us about life , it’s beauty and the beauty of the Creator.