As I reflect on my exhilarating climb of Table Top Mountain in Cape Town, I can’t forget a very profound sentence that our guide said to us. We were sitting on a stone ledge probably about 2/3 of the way up the mountain enjoying the magnificent view as we looked down over a beautiful seaside town way below us. When Leisel, our guide said, no one can see this magnificent view unless they hike the track. You have to extend yourself and take the risk to be in the right position to see the views we were seeing.

Many many people have the opportunity to see truly glorious views when they catch the Cable Cars up and down this truly imposing mountain and as they walk the paths along the top. You can be truly blessed, see amazing viewpoints and be in awe of the majesty of it all, the beautiful city below, the mountains all around, the beaches below, the animal life and the plants all on the top which thousands of people do. But, by taking this walk we see all of that PLUS so much more. In order to see all of this, you must walk the tracks that much fewer people walk.

I have learnt in life that this is true in many experiences if we want to see and achieve beyond our limitations and beyond the norm, we have to walk the tracks that the few are brave enough to walk. It can seem lonely sometimes, there is always a higher price to pay and a lot more effort involved however the views you see on the way are so worth it.

Never worry if you are the only one out there going the extra mile. Sometimes life requires us to walk on our own. And, at times, daring to go it alone and even in another direction that the majority. I think the key to this is, know what you want to see and experience in life and do whatever it costs to walk that journey.

As parents and grandparents, we need to encourage our children to not be afraid to go against where the crowd is going. To be like a salmon and ‘swim upstream’ and to be confident in themselves recognising that maybe being different and to follow the path they need to walk so that they may see the views they want to see in their lives. We know there are beautiful views in this life that most see and fully enjoy but let’s not miss out on the other extraordinary views that are there for us all to see when we extend ourselves and walk the path that few are daring enough to walk.

Much love and respect,

Susanna #littlemiraclescommunity