There is a saying I like to remind myself of every now and then. 

“I know there is strength in the differences between us. I know there is comfort where we overlap.”

–  Ani DiFranco. 
I love this saying, there is real truth in this. However as usual, where there is truth there is a challenge as well. It is such an important and empowering part of life that we all be ourselves with all the differences we carry. It is the differences that when respected and valued, make us strong and when they aren’t respected and valued, they divide us and make us weak.

If only we could all truly value each other’s strengths and over extensions of those strengths and see how they make us all stronger together, we would all flourish and enjoy the benefits. I love watching my amazing staff at Little Miracles with all their individual strengths and seeing how all their differences make the team so strong.

When putting teams together to work well as one in a room where the children are able to flourish, we always look at the different strengths of the team members and see how they can complement each other and bring the best out in each other and the children. It is always very satisfying to see how all the different strengths are able to empower and develop each team member to reach their full potential and the full potential of the room.

Differences between us all need to be celebrated rather than intimidate us and cause division. Rob and I are so very different in so many ways like most married couples and I think it is the differences that make us strong.

Yes, the differences also cause friction at times but friction is healthy when handled with respect for each other and when we value the differences.

Our eldest son Ben is a ‘Strength Finders Coach’, he helps us discover the strengths in each of our staff members and how to combine them together well so we maximise them all and help everyone flourish.

Rob and I have learnt a lot about ourselves and each other through this teaching and it has helped us both appreciate our differences even more. Does it eliminate all frustration and conflict? No. However it means we are so much less frustrated and so much more appreciative of the differences and therefore value the differences and each other so much more.

I want to encourage us all to stop and recognise that when we come across people who think differently, have a different approach to life than ourselves, if we stop , listen and value the differences, these differences will add value to us and then we can add value to them.

Just imagine what a different world we would live in if this was the approach we all had to those who think differently to us. The good news is that we can chose to make that difference in our worlds with those who live in our world. The benefits are amazing , try it and if you want to know your strengths or the strengths of your partner so you can be a stronger team, look up ” Strength Finders” it’s quiet fascinating.