Watch the video below and tell me you don’t laugh. This adorable 3-year-old Scottish sweetheart has a few questions about Easter, Jesus, the bunny and endless amounts of chocolate at her fingertips.

It’s stated that (some) little girls can ask nearly 400 questions a day. Her loving dad does his best to answer her mid egg decoration but I think her stream of consciousness and her endless questions get the best of him as her sweet soul, heart and little mind try and the Easter story with hilarious consequences.


“Are you painting a face on an egg?”
“Have you lost your mind?” 
“Are the Easter Bunny and Jesus best pals?”
“Does Jesus love chocolate then?”

I love watching minds of little people tick, and I’m captivated by their sense of wonder. They ask questions we would never dream of asking. While adults just accept much of what life presents us. I don’t think we’re jaded, I just believe we have reconciled that some things just don’t make sense (like celery and peanut butter as a snack, cheese and honey, sweet and savoury and the list goes on). This little girl allows us to see, through the Easter story and commercialism of the season, the beauty, quirky, funny, and at times the non-sensical because we, as adults, would never think to connect Jesus and the Easter Bunny. But she does.

“Lots of people believe lots of different things, but the most

the important thing is that we have fun together.”

The ultimate response to such an inquisitive little girl is so accurate. Her dad celebrates her; he doesn’t correct her or laugh at her. He makes it into fun! Her questions get answers they deserve because she was so confident in asking them in the first place. He knows the joy that learning and experiencing Easter is, even giving his daughter chocolate when she doesn’t understand why she can’t have it all the time!

When we celebrate stories like the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus for Christmas, we are given the opportunity to show our kids the light and shade of life. To bring them joy, and happiness and an underlying message of ‘not everything makes sense’, but in the end, it works.

Although I still don’t know myself where the Easter Bunny fits in the story of Easter. Or why we paint eggs in intricate patterns. But what I know and love is the time that our world takes just to enjoy. We sit around the table with family hot cross buns (that have been available to buy since Boxing Day, ha!) and delicious meals. I love conversations centred around meals and maybe indulging a little in chocolate. Going to church together on Good Friday and Easter Sunday are highlights for us as a family plus our annual Easter Egg Hunt. How I love to hear the squeals of the grandchildren as they discover hidden treasures. It indeed is a time for joy and celebration and reflection.

And this one little girl’s reflections that could be similar to that of some of my grandkids! You never know – they might ask me the same questions! I love watching their faces light up on Easter morning and watching their little legs trying to keep up with their siblings and eyes widening when they find an egg to add to their basket.

I hope you laugh today friends, watch this video a few times and share the smiles.

From myself and Rob and our beautiful Little Miracles team, as we enter the beautiful season of Easter may you be blessed may you now unconditional love and may you take time to breathe and be with the ones you love.


Much love,

Susanna Bateman #littlemiraclescommunity