[truh-dish-uh n] noun: the handing down of statements, beliefs, legends, customs, information, etc., from generation to generation, especially by word of mouth or by practice

I love tradition. I love that we are able to create things and experiences that we repeat, all in an effort to hand something down from generation to generation. Being a daughter, then a mother and now a grandmother, I feel I understand the importance of tradition and how it has its place in our lives. Tradition gives a sense of belonging, security and it offers the opportunity to truly know who we are.

Today, I’d like to share one of our family traditions, one that happens every Easter, rain or shine. Of course, we always hope for shine as it makes what I’m going share so much easier.

As I write this, I can hardly believe we are already into April and Easter is here. The year is flying by, indeed. That being said, I love Easter and I (for one) am glad the season has arrived. With Easter comes that chill in the morning and evening air, the sun changes and allows that warm glow rather than the ‘kiss of summer’. It’s an exciting time of year. Needless to say, I enjoy the seasons of the year because, for me, it symbolises life and how we go through seasons, some tougher than others but there is always a promise that change is coming. So, whatever season you find yourself in right now, be encouraged because change is in the air and this too shall pass and a new day is ahead.

As we put the final preps on Easter and our celebrations, I am secretly hoping that the sun stays somewhat warm so the water lovers can get their last days of swimming. That is, of course, for those who live by the sea or enjoy a poolside afternoon.

Easter is a time to rejoice and enjoy the freedom it represents, the new life that is ours because of the first Easter. That sentence alone excites me. New life, freedom, rejoicing. Those are great words to wrap around a holiday.

In our home, we have a tradition that many of you share. Yes, it’s the annual Easter Egg Hunt that we have prepared for years. Our children enjoyed it when they were young and now we get the pleasure of watching our grandchildren squeal and race through the house and garden in search of more and more chocolate. I love hiding the eggs before they arrive. I find myself giggling as I strategically place them in the garden, wondering who will be the one to find the hidden treasures. I try to make some very obvious for the little ones and get quite crafty and clever when hiding for the older children. Oh the joy this brings me.

I love the arrival of the children, oh the atmosphere in the house, the anticipation and excitement as they burst through the front door. Rob and I often ponder the thought of bottling that enthusiasm. It’s so beautiful, the noise and the laughter echo through our home announcing the joy, freedom and new that we mentioned above. Children have such a uniqueness about them, they can pull out the joy in anyone. Thank God for children and their beautiful innocence and zest for life.

Once they arrive, they know the hunt is on and off they go. It’s almost like the starting gates at the Melbourne Cup ‘And They’re Off’. I find it interesting watching their little personalities come out through this hunt, some like to gather, organise and save whilst others like to eat on the run. Others will gobble them all down before our BBQ lunch with others sorting by colour, shape and even brand of chocolate. Some are very deliberate and methodical yet whatever method is applied, once that first taste is enjoyed it’s all on and there is usually chocolate from nose to navel.

I love watching and listening to them. I learn so much and I love so much more. It’s in these moments of tradition that I realise how blessed I really am. How the years and work Rob and I have put into our family are truly paying off. I am forever grateful.

One thing I love about this experience is how they honour each other. Even though there are different methods used, the children like to make sure the hunt is fair and everyone walks away satisfied. Of course, this often requires parental involvement as they endeavour to teach their children in and through the rich tradition. It’s such a great opportunity for our little ones to learn and to grow in the safety of family. Additionally, I love watching the older grandchildren help the little ones. Our eldest, Maddy and Meili always help the younger ones and they are so encouraging to all their little cousins. They help make sure the hunt is successful for all – children and adults. We all love those older cousins that make life easier.

Whilst writing this, I am reflecting on years gone by and the countless Easter Egg Hunts we have enjoyed, with this thought I am excited about the weekend ahead. I think I better do a ‘double check’ tonight and make sure I have enough Eggs in prep for the day. I think I’ll add a few extra to the mix for Rob and I to relax and enjoy once the busyness of the day is over. Creating this space for him and I allows for us to absorb the moments, the joy and cherish the moments of life that we have had the honour of sharing together.

For me, all this activity in our home each Easter time reflects what Easter is all about. The first Easter was all about love, grace, freedom and eternal life. I think JESUS would just love watching us all celebrating new life that the eggs represent and the love that flows from the place of knowing we are all loved and cherished.

“Greater love has no man than to give up His life for another.” 

Have the best Easter, enjoy those you love and those that love you. Don’t worry about how much chocolate you eat, it’s only once a year.

I encourage you to create traditions in your family so your children can find a sense of security and belonging with in themselves and in your space. Traditions can be very simple and inexpensive but the memories that are held and shared play a big part in our well-being and the emotional stability within our children.

Be blessed,