with Ben Bateman

Enjoyable ParentingBefore I had my own kids I just assumed that parents that didn’t enjoy parenting just were not putting enough time and effort into it. Eleven years into my parenting journey, I realise more than ever how naive and pretentious those thoughts were.

There have been seasons for me as a parent when I have put large amounts of time and effort into my family only for the results to be anything but enjoyable. There has always been moments of deep satisfaction and joy at being a parent, it’s just that there have also been many other periods of hard exhausting grind. Some of those periods felt like they would never end. If there was a light at the end of the tunnel, I was finding it almost impossible to see.

Not exactly a ringing endorsement for becoming a parent or a great encouragement for those that are already on the journey. In talking to other parents I have realised that most of us didn’t really know the full extent of what we were getting ourselves into. On the flip side I’ve always believed that a lifestyle of enjoyable parenting was possible and had a great curiosity toward those that have been able to master these rare skills.

I’m happy to say that I am learning to enjoy parenting in all its different seasons. Having an eight year gap between our second and third child has been a fresh reminder to the different seasons and challenges that our children’s ages throw at us. I don’t know if parenting will ever be easy but at Little Miracles we would love to partner with you to empower your family to enjoy the journey.  We are looking forward to the great opportunities in parenting and life that lie ahead.