Everyone has a storyHello to all of our Little Miracles families and friends. I’m so happy to be writing this back on the Coast, nestled into my home and enjoying the Aussie sun and the sound of the surf. What a journey I have been on with our incredible Hope Global team.

I mentioned in an earlier article that I had traveled to Rwanda to be of service to the people of Rwanda. What a joy it was to be involved and part of something so fulfilling. Once again, I have returned from a physically draining two weeks feeling refreshed and renewed. There is a little piece of scripture in Proverbs 11:25 that says, “A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.’ Seems unbelievable but I can testify to this being very true and accurate. I have pushed boundaries and extended myself and I have returned full of vision, hope, excitement and anticipation of what lay ahead.

Whilst I was away I was amazed at the people I was blessed to meet. As I was privileged to story after story of forgiveness and tragedy I was reminded that everyone really has a story. I wish I could share all the stories I heard with you. I wish I could bundle you all up and take you with me so you could see first hand what I’m referring to. Alas, I realise that this isn’t an option but I can share something with you that has touched my heart and soul.

Although my most recent experience has been hearing stories in Rwanda and I have been beautifully reminded about the human story I want to encourage you to see the stories that are right in front of all of us. There are stories needing to be told in the lines at the shops, in the school pick up line, in our parks. Countless stories on the sidelines of the soccer pitch or the endless waiting at dance classes. You name the place and I guarantee you, we can find a story that will be better than any Hollywood Blockbuster out there.

With that in mind, can I encourage you to read this story. This story is all about how one persons life was changed through an encounter with a person she will never forget. May this story inspire you to see beyond the people on our street, in our neighbourhoods, in the shops and beyond. Everyone has a story

Much love,