Today is Father’s Day and to all the Fathers out there may I say a huge Happy Father’s Day and thank you for being, for caring and for loving.

Today, I am reminded of how precious my father was in my life. He was a fabulous father and I am forever grateful for the relationship we had. Fathers are extremely important people in our lives and we all need them to play their part with love, patience and understanding.

Sadly, this week, Rob’s uncle passed from this life at the ripe old age of 93 years old. We visited him the day before he died and witnessed the pain his two grown children were going through as they had to make the painful decision whether to allow their father to continue to struggle to stay alive or to gently let him slip from this life into eternity.

A difficult decision that we all hope to avoid in life but alas there they stood, by his bed. He was frail, 93 and they in their 70’s yet the scene was that of children facing their father, the man they had loved. The man that raised them. The man they deeply loved and respected.

This picture of love and devotion reminded me how strong the tie between fathers and children are. No matter the age, it is still father and child. Rob’s uncle, like any father, didn’t do everything perfectly, nor was he a man without faults (is there such a man? I don’t think so…..). But, he was a man who loved his children and always did his best for them and to show them the love he had for them.

In return, his children both loved him because he first loved them. They knew of his shortcomings, their lived experience with him chronicled all of those collective moments. He made mistakes, indeed but at this bedside moment it was love that was the backdrop and the very thing that filled the atmosphere in the room. When lived to the best of their ability, Fathers and their children is a bond that lasts, that stands the test of time and that forgives and allows love to penetrate and be the last note played in the song.

Uncle Bruce (as he was known to us) was a quiet man, he was tall, very good looking yet didn’t have the strongest of self-esteem but through it all, he loved his children, their mother and they all knew it is through this love that made him a good father who will be greatly missed.

I wanted to take a moment, use the story of his life and the moments Rob and I witnessed at the end to remind all of us, especially the father out there how much your families need you. And, to families, the wives, the partners and the children be reminded how much we need fathers in our lives. We really need one another. We don’t need or even want perfect we crave love. To be love and to be loved. Let’s take a moment today to appreciate, value and honour one another because life goes fast. Uncle Bruce was 93 and yes we can say he had a full life that was well lived but to have another day with him would be something his children and those who knew and loved him desire. Life flies by, don’t let today go by without telling those in your life what they mean to you.

Tell your father. Find ways to mend things that are broken. Let love find it’s way and make a way. Use words (spoken or written) and tell them something specific that you appreciate about them. Love them by doing something special for them and if you’re able, give them a big cuddle and tell them you love them. Let them know they are important in your life and in the lives of their grandchildren (if applicable).

Rob and I will be in South Africa for Father’s Day this year, we will miss our crew but we celebrated before we left which was special for all of us. For me, seeing Rob surrounded by our four beautiful grown children, their spouses and our grandchildren filled my heart. I am forever grateful for the man I married. My boyfriend who became my husband who became the father of our children and the grandfather to their children. He is good, he is kind, he is love and he is loved.

Have a great day and bless your father. And… as a little treat, here is a beautiful video to share with the Fathers in your life.