Well, lovely families, it’s that time of year again where we get to spend a day being grateful for the men in our lives…. Father’s Day is here and we, at Little Miracles, want to make sure our Dad’s know how valuable they are to all of us.

Let’s all use this weekend and make it a special one, to remind the Dad’s in our world, that what they do matters and who they are makes a difference in our lives. And let’s try and let it not stop at today, let’s make a point of reminding our dad’s just how much they matter every day. Sometimes the little things Dad’s do go unoticed and it can be the little things that make the biggest difference to our everyday.

Whether it’s pumping up flat tires on a bicycle, waxing a surfboard, helping with homework or a school project, preparing all the camping gear or simply picking up bread and milk on the drive home. Dad’s make a difference. I think about my own father and the impact he had on my young life. Even now years later I miss the sound of his voice, his words of encouragement and I find that these still echo in my mind. I crave the feeling of his strong arms wrapped around me I even miss the discipline he handed out. My father passed away years ago and as a grown woman, with my own grown children and grandchildren, I still miss my Dad. There are days when I would love to ask him a question or get his advice on something and there are days when I find myself relying on the lessons he taught me. I’m reminded, this week of how he helped shape me, without me really realising it. My father simply believed in me and made sure I knew that he loved me. I’m honoured to be his daughter.

Below is a song and video by a group called Sanctus Real. The song is called ‘Lead Me’ and it’s a song for Father’s and about Father’s. It’s a song that I was introduced to a while back but each Father’s day it speaks to me and one I think we could all benefit from hearing. Feel free to share with those in your world.

Be blessed, have a wonderful week and our hope is that today and the days ahead, where ever you are, whatever you find yourself doing, you are filled with wonder, joy, peace and love.

Much love,
Susanna xx #littlemiraclescommunity