Things to do with young children in the Niagara Park area. Today Nerida, one of our amazing educators from our Niagara Park centre shares some of the places she loves to take her family.

Some great parks we like to visit in the area are

  • Narara Valley Precinct Playground, this nature based playground combines natural resources and modern equipment.
  • Bill Sohier Park, this park is also known as “the dinosaur park” and is a wonderful park for children of all ages.
  • Perratt Close Park, this park is amongst the trees and set back from the road, it has great equipment for both toddlers and younger school-age children. It includes a seated roundabout and group swing, a small fish rocker and slippery dips. Older children will love the large rope climbing frame and all will enjoy the scooters track that goes around the playground.


We also like to visit Adcock park and go for bike/ scooter rides as there is loads of space for the children to explore and the track is a great and safe place to ride.

We love visiting the beach. North Avoca and Terrigal Haven are favourites as we love exploring the rock pools and rocks.

Another favourite is the Gosford water front park with the little beach to play at or to go for a scooter ride along the water front and watch the trains

For a great indoor activity we suggest Messy Munchkins located in Niagara who provide age appropriate messy play sessions for young children.