Happy New Year and welcome back to Little Miracles!

We love this time of year here at Little Miracles, meeting lots of new children and their families, moving many of our other children up into the next room and planning fun events for the year ahead.

We like to set goals for the year, personally, professionally, for individuals, teams, centres and the company as a whole. We then try to determine the best way to achieve those goals.

Setting goals and working towards them is a great thing for children to be involved in and become used to, it’s a valuable life skill. The best way to successfully involve your children in this is to make the goals tangible and achievable. For example setting a goal to have the whole family go for a walk together once a week is achievable for most families as if gives a wide range of options such as what day, what time, what distance so you can tailor it to your current situation.  Specific goals e.g “we will go for a 30 min walk each Tuesday evening after dinner”  are not always achievable for the busy family, flexibility can be key. You can also mark the calendar each week to provide a visual record of having gone. It should be noted that in some situations more specific goals can be useful.

It is common in the new year to make resolutions, we think any excuse for positive change can only be a good thing! Whether it’s healthy eating, exercise, having a special family night each week the changes can be small or large it’s always up to you.

What are you and your family looking forward to in 2013?