know children
Raising children is a challenge. One of the greatest jobs on the planet and certainly one of the hardest. Whoever said parenting was easy was, well wrong. Let me qualify that. Parenting and just going through the motions and not investing into the lives of our children isn’t hard. However, if you believe in your children and truly want the best for them and believe that their lives are meant for purpose then parenting is hard. It’s hard because we’re invested and when we invest into something we expect and hope for a good outcome.
In reading the above, I’m sure some of you are thinking that everyone wants the best for their kids, that all parents invest into their children. We would hope that’s the case but sadly it isn’t always.
This conversation leads me to today’s article and why I decided to read it. I have a mum in my life who is raising three beautiful children. She and her husband are invested into their lives in a beautiful way. They believe in their children and they actively create spaces for their children to grow and thrive. It’s lovely to watch. Recently, this mum (who is also a blogger) interviewed her 10-year-old daughter. She wanted to do this because she wanted to know if she knew her and knew what made this beautiful child tick. She turned it into some school holiday fun and discovered so much about her child. I decided to share this interview with you in the hopes that it would spark something within you and maybe provide a guide for you to learn more about your child.
Perhaps your struggling with your child and not understanding why they are acting a certain way. Maybe they aren’t listening or they are constantly challenging you. This interview is a great way to see the why behind the what and provides great insight into their little minds and their thought process that leads to their actions. The interview also allows space for you to gain a greater understanding of the things that matter to them.
In the interview below, I asked the mother what answer most surprised her. She said it was question #1, #23 and #24. #1 because although she knows she is a strong voice and presence in her daughters life, she didn’t know she would be named as one of the biggest influences. She thought a teacher, or her dance teacher or someone external but to be herself and her eldest daughter she found that both heartwarming and challenging. #23 because it spoke about the depth of her child and how she truly wants to be someone that impacts lives. At the tender age of 10 her concept of being is rich and that needs to be nurtured. #24 needs no explanation it’s a question I asked last week and it obviously made her think. Knowing that she understands she is body, soul and spirit and all need to be tended to is so rewarding.
All the questions are interesting. Now that this mum knows that her child prefers the sunrise over the sunset allows her the opportunity to create special times to spend with her daughter. This interview is so clever and full of information that allows this family to build and grow. I hope you enjoy.
The Interview:
1. Who has been the biggest influence in your life thus far?
  • My mum or my older sister, Sophia.
2. If I ask you what makes you happy what do you think about?
  • School, friends, family, having fun, dancing.
3. What memorable moment stands out in your mind?
  • The day I found out we were moving from Canada to Australia
4. What’s your favourite food?
  • The best ravioli ever
5. What’s your favourite colour and why?
  • Navy Blue and pthalo blue mixed with white. I  like it because it’s pretty and it reminds me of the sky and the sky is beautiful because God could have picked any colour but he picked that.
6. What do you like about family?
  • Doing things together.  It’s my favourite place to be, most of the time. I like being places with my family.
7. What makes you laugh?
  • Unexpected things and situations.
8. What was your favourite holiday?
  • Going on a cruise with my grandma and cousins, aunts and uncles. And the second would be going to Japan and Korea with my family. We visited my grandparents in Korea on that trip.
9. Sunrise or Sunset?
  • Sunrise
10. Milk Chocolate or White Chocolate?
  • Milk Chocolate
11. Favourite thing about Christmas?
  •  Waking up in the morning and opening presents and having breakfast with your family.
12. Summer or  Winter?
  • Winter with snow
13. Favourite TV Show?
  • Don’t have one
14. Favourite Quality in Person?
  • Funny
15. Truth or Dare?
  • Dare
16. Sea or Swimming Pool?
  • Sea
17. You love art, why do you love it so much?
  • It’s just a way to sit down, relax and create.
18. What does art do for you?
  • Makes me happy. Gives me joy.
19. You love to dance, why do you love it so much?
  • It’s fun, challenging. Allows me to express myself in a way that isn’t normal.
20. Board Games or TV?
  • Board Games
21. Favourite Board Game?
  • Life
22. What kind of person do you want to be?
  • Smart, Creative, Funny, Not too sensitive but a little sensitive, nice to be around, fun, generous, someone who helps sad people.
23. If someone was to say Ella is……. What would they say and can you finish that sentence.
  • Ella Sohn is who I look up to.
24. What other question do you think I should ask you to know and understand you more?
  •  How do I connect with God? That’s something you asked me recently. My answer was through worship. I thought that was a good question to ask.