Hello amazing families,

We write to you to tell you news from BaliLife Foundation orphanage, part of the LM Abroad wing in Ungasan, Bali.

Susanna (Owner of Little Miracles) with Debi during English lessons

The English Curriculum we took over was designed by friends of Little Miracles, Karen Morrow and Deb Barrett, from Valley View Primary School. This curriculum is designed for volunteers at the Foundation to step in and BE the teacher. The lessons are simple enough for native English speakers to understand yet challenging enough to stretch the children in their comprehension and writing of the English Language.

Susanna (Owner of Little Miracles) with Ibu Norma (mother) and one of the new sewing machines

A couple of our amazing team and centres fundraised $1200 for sewing machines for the children to learn how to sew and also to mend clothes. You can imagine with 19 amazing children doing all that children do, there are plenty of ripped seams and torn knees to mend. Last week we ventured out with the ‘Pa’ of the home to see what deals we could get and we were able to buy 4 sewing machines with materials and accessories. The children and the ‘Mum’ of the house did not know they were coming so when the surprise arrived there was much celebration! On Friday our team split into 2 and half taught the girls how to sew a handbag on the new sewing machines and the other half took a group of 13 children to the local water park.

The Children on Friday night with their new clothes and new bags


The girls all made a shoulder bag each. Later that afternoon we were able to take the girls for a shopping trip to buy them a new outfit. For some of these girls this was their first time having a new clothes let alone a new dress. This was a special afternoon and a great way to end a VERY successful trip.

Janette (our sewer extraordinaire) with Ibu Norma and the new sewing machines



Thank you so much to our Brookvale, Blaxland & Terrigal centres as well as staff from our Head Office that worked so hard. Whether it was riding bikes & scooters or dancing the night away at a disco, we are so grateful to you all for partnering with us in this amazing cause!



We also write to share with you BaliLife’s next big goal. Watch this short video to see the story so far.

Little Miracles visits Bali Life every 3 months, how amazing would it be if our next trip was to visit them in their new home, and with new children to love! Every little bit counts and we know that the future is bright for these children.

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement

Rob, Susanna, Bethany and Team

Deb and Dega reading a book in English

Ibu Norma (Mother) with the bag she made

Mus (9yrs) replying to a letter from an Australian friend