aibileenAs we travel through this conversation of Identity I’ve been thinking about our conversations with our little ones. I remember asking my kids the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up? A fireman, a doctor, a builder?” We all do this, we all ask what it is we want to do. As our children go through school, this question remains. When they hit their HSC’s the question is amplified and as parents if this decision hasn’t been made, we can get concerned.
This question is interesting because we have dreams for our children and that’s okay. When they first enter our world, we watch them catch or kick balls, dancing or singing, painting and drawing and we wonder. We wonder what the future will hold and what will they do?
Allow me to shift the conversation. I quickly learned that although what they do (in life) is imporant but more importantly is the question ‘Who Do You Want to Be?” This question allows us the opportunity to speak life into their character, into the core of their being. As little ones we can ask the question and help them by answering, ‘You, (insert your childs name here), are kind, you are good and you are smart.’ Yes, I realise that sounds a lot like the famous line from the movie ‘The Help’ where the gorgeous Aibileen constantly reminds wee Mae Mobley that, “You is Smart, You is Kind and You is Important.” In this movie, Aibileen shows how we are able to speak life into a child’s heart, mind and soul. She recites the same sentence to the small child every day, repeatedly reminding the her of her value and who she is. Through this, Mae Mobley is able to decide who she wants to be. Brilliant!
I have included a link for you to watch and I hope you catch what I’m trying to share. In this scene not only does Aibileen say it to the little girl, she masterfully gets Mae Mobley to speak it to and about herself.

I hope this helps, as you endeavour to help build Self Esteem in your children. I’m excited to see your children walk in the fullness of who they are. Additionally, in and through this I know  it will impact your life. It’s amazing, when you begin to speak the truth about yourself there is a beautiful confidence that emerges and you begin to walk in a way that impacts others. In doing so, the truth of Marianne Williamson’s quote, which I shared last week, opens up the door for you to give others permission to do the same.
I leave you with the beautiful question of ‘Who Do You Want to Be?”
Much love,
Susanna xx