Considering the Identity conversation we have been having over the past few weeks, I thought today would be a good time to share something that I do with my grandchildren that I think you will like. I carve out special time with them, all in a purposeful effort to help them build their confidence and understand their true Identity.
My two eldest grandchildren (14 & 12) are simply divine and I love doing something special for and with them during each school holidays. My desire and something I love to do is to create a patchwork of holiday memories for them. Memories that involve me. I want them to know, deep within their hearts, minds and souls that they have a special place in my heart.  Through this seemingly small holiday time I believe it will help them know who they are and where they fit into this big world. Something I believe wholeheartedly is that ‘where your treasure is there your heart will be also’. I feel that by giving the girls my time and doing something special for them  and something they enjoy they will feel, not only special but valued.
The girls see and feel the special time and value through so many elements of the time spent together. They know I am a ‘modern day working grandmother’ which means I have to reorganise my week and my commitments in order to make time together work. Keep in mind, this isn’t just them popping over for a smoothie or movie time with Grandma. Rather, as I mentioned above, this is time they will enjoy, something they will like. I’m purposefully reaching into their ‘wants and desires’  and meeting them where they are. This prep and rescheduling is just one step in the display of value. It becomes a building block to their Identity, self value which tells them that they are valuable.
For these holidays I decided to take them up to Centre Point Tower for a buffet lunch – something I know they have wanted to do. It was a magnificent day, the sky was blue, the spring air was crisp and our eyes were captivated but the breath-taking 360 degree views. Sydney was definitely showing off for  us and I could tell by the girls jaw dropping expressions on their faces that they were impressed.
As we sat down at the table, I explained to the girls that I had brought them to this restaurant on top of the world, with unobstructed views and divine food so they could get a glimpse of what a limitless life can feel like. As we indulged, laughed and talked, I encouraged them to soak in the view, the atmosphere and imagine approaching life with this idea in mind. No walls, no blockages but instead a beautiful freedom that is available to them. I told them how I wanted them to dream big and to never limit themselves or let anyone else limit them. I asked them to know and believe that they can achieve whatever their hearts long for because as girls of faith they can be confident that God, the dream giver and deliverer knows no boundaries.
I could see the excitement in their eyes. I could tell that they were (now) not only captivated by the view but by the words I was speaking over them. I could tell that they were understanding and possibly getting a glimpse of ‘what could be’. I could almost see their unspoken dreams dancing around in their hearts. Needless to say, this was truly heart-warming for me to witness. In that moment, I knew that they understood that they had a grandmother who believed in them.
We had such a wonderful time, we ate far too much food and could hardly move when we went to leave. One of my lovely granddaughters decided to try ever dessert on offer. It was so much fun.Creating times like these for our children and our grandchildren, creates layers of protection around their vulnerable and precious identities as they grow into adults. Whilst we were there a photographer came around to our tables and took a ‘memory photo’ to take home. I bought the professional photos of us at the table and put them in a card for each of the girls. I wrote words of affirmation and encouragement in them and gave them to each one so they can remember to have no limits in their dreams.
We all have dreams as young ones, however, these dreams can get crushed due to circumstances and even people. Sadly, most people aren’t sure of their identity and allow life circumstances, situations or words of others defeat them and hence, they give up on their dreams. Remember our previous article about the boy who loved to sing…. If not, it’s worth going back and reading.
Lets make sure we are thinking of ways we can do special things with our little ones to build value and dignity into their identities. Let’s encourage them to dream big and hang onto their dreams. On another note, what dreams have you had that have died? I encourage you to get them out, dust them off and start dreaming again. You were designed to dream and live those dreams out. So friends, show your children how to live their dreams by you living yours. It takes courage to step out, you can do it, you were born for it.
Much love,
Susanna xx