#grlpower Facebook Copy #October 11th has been designated as International Day of the Girl. In support of this day I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about the importance of our girls and how it is incumbant upon us to not only place value on them but to help them establish and understand their own value.

It may be hard to hear, but girls across the planet are being subjected to incredilbe things that our girls would have no idea about. Sadly, the things we take for granted are not offered to millions of girls across the globe. Did you know that ….
  • Each extra year of a mother’s schooling cuts infant mortality by between 5 and 10%.
  • The leading cause of death for women aged 15-19 in developing countries is pregnancy.
  • Every year, 10 million girls are forced or coerced into marriage.
  • 65 million girls across the world are out of school.
 The above statistics may shock you or maybe surprise you. To think that 65 million girls across the world are out of school breaks my heart, especially in light of what we are endeavouring to do in and through Little Miracles. Even as I think of the name Little Miracles and I’m reminded of the day I first laid eyes on my beautiful Anna. Much like your experience, I’m sure…. How could anyone think anything but that my beautiful daughter was, indeed, a miracle. Now, being introduced to the plight of girls across the planet, I have become aware that not all girls are welcomed into the world like my daughter or yours. For that my heart breaks.
I have a lovely friend, Susan Sohn, who hosts a live radio show and website that is dedicated to seeing strong families emerge across the planet. Over the last few weeks Susan has dedicated their Social Platform to International Day of the Girl and she has encouraged people to engage in a conversation that brings not only awareness but activation and mobilization to organisations that they have hand picked to support.
I would like to encourage you to visit Susan’s website getreallive.com and to donate your support to what they are endeavouring to do through their Social Space. Susan has interviewed some incredible people, who are using their lives to impact the lives of girls across the planet.
Value needs to be placed on girls. We need to lift our voices and let girls across the planet know: That We Care, That We Are Speaking Out and That We Won’t Stop…..
A quote I read recently, sums up a lot of what we are all trying to say. It comes from Kofi Annan “The evidence is overwhelming that the healthiest societies are those which promote gender equality and invest in the education of girls.” Together, we can make a difference. Together, we can influence nations and we can speak life into the lives of girls who need to hear our voice. Let’s gather together and support girls across the nation.
I’m thankful for my friend, Susan, who has chosen to use her platform and her life to ‘TURN UP THE VOLUME‘…. I for one support all that she and others are doing and today, I encourage you to do the same.
Much love,