SummerBy: Susanna Bateman (4-minute read)

Life moves so fast and sure enough this week it feels like summer has arrived. Over the weekend, our beaches were bursting with people eager to feel the sand on their feet and the salt water on their skin. The sun made its way through the rain we’ve had and enveloped all of us in the warm promises of summer.

Now we find ourselves in what feels like the calm before the storm. November is riddled with the wave of year-end celebrations from Kindergarten graduation to year 10 and 12 formals and end of year work parties and the beginning of Christmas shopping. Like many of you, I’ve noticed Santa peeking out of shop windows and the lure of Christmas baking supplies has definitely caught my attention. But, with all of that, I am choosing to embrace it all and savour the longer days, welcome (as best I can) the hotter nights and the joy of time with family and loved ones. The sound of my grandchildren and their laughter has already filled our pool area and we are prepared for months of slip, slop, slap.

It is, indeed, the busy season but before we engage with all that involves, we must first finish the year well. I’m reminded of the words that I believe originated with Jim George, ‘it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.’ What does that mean? It means finishing up the school year well, whatever year your kids are in. With your older ones, it could mean helping them close the chapter to another year and possibly saying farewell to a school if change is happening. For us adults, it may mean something to do with our work or perhaps mending a broken relationship.

Ending well is important, it gives us the opportunity to take stock and right wrongs so that we can start the year with a fresh heart, mind and eyes. When you think about it, it’s pretty powerful.

My hope for you, your family and for myself is that as we move into the year end, we don’t get gobbled up by the never-ending list of ‘to do’ and ‘to buy’ but we are able to bookmark the year with moments of gratitude, a celebration of our achievements and an acknowledging of things that we need to improve or address. As painful as the last part may be, I promise it will set you up for a year ahead that will be greater than the one just lived.

Be inspired by this season friends, be outwardly loving and inviting, rejoice in the sunshine and welcome the changes that give us relief when we need. Be blessed in your year-end and Christmas preparations and may God’s love be with you in all things.

Much love,

Susanna #littlemiraclescommunity