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Jemma welcomes us to our newest centre.

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We join Liz in reading When your chum is glum.

January Blog – Settling Into Preschool

Some children may be upset upon arrival because they are anxious about saying “goodbye”. This can also be true for parents and caregivers who are dropping their children off, especially for the first time. It is a difficult adjustment for little ones, so we aim to make that transition as smooth and as reassuring as possible. Our educators are here to support you, however you need.

Sometimes it is best to say your farewells quickly, so children don’t become more anxious and worked up. You can find a consistent educator to greet upon arrival and take your little one to them for a cuddle followed by saying goodbye. You can also reassure your child who will be picking them up in the afternoon. Consistency is key.

Other strategies can involve waving “goodbye” at the window, reading a story together or having a routine you do every day. Over a few visits or weeks, you will discover the best way that works for you and your child when saying your farewells. 

The majority of children who cry upon separation will settle very quickly once they have said “goodbye” and go on to have a fun and happy day. This can be difficult for parents and caregivers as they just see the tears, but please feel free to call.  If your child is upset when you leave, or you want to check how they are doing, please call us to check on your little miracle. We understand completely and are happy to help.

We understand that separating from your precious little one can be an unsettling time for you also, so please allow us to offer you support. Please feel free to have a chat to a staff member. Your child may have been with Little Miracles for a long time and settled in their current room however transitioning to new rooms can be a catalyst for unsettling your child. Please let your new room educators know if you think this may be the case for your child so we can put additional measures in to help transition your child smoothly.

Please see some helpful links below including information from raisingchildren.net.au and a social story from the Department of Education to explain what a day at preschool may look like. 

You can even print and laminate, or email a photo of your family to your attending Little Miracles for your little one to hold and look at throughout the day for comfort.

We are looking forward to supporting you and your family as you all settle in for 2023.

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NSW DOE Social Story ~ My New Preschool



Hometime with Robbie and Susie

This week we are exploring the theme of the ocean, todays episode is all about fish! Listen to Stacey reading “Rainbow Fish”, fishy songs and learn to make a rainbow fish hand print!


Playtime with Robbie and Susie

This month we revisit episode A of Playtime with Robbie and Susie.

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