Lately I’ve been writing about the power of words and encouraging our readers | families | friends to adopt healthy language skills. You’ve heard me say it, or you’ve read my words, and for those of you in my life you will hear it regularly, ‘Words can heal and words can hurt so choose your words wisely’.

As I’ve been thinking about the power of words and sharing them with you I’ve also been reminded about laughter and how important it is to have laughter in our homes. I know for Rob and I, laughter has been a big part of our 41 years together. Trust me, you don’t get to 41 years of marriage and not learn to laugh at yourself and at times at each other. Also, when I hear my grandchildren laughing it automatically brings joy in my heart and a smile on my face. It gives me a real sense of freedom and a light heart like nothing else can. I literally can feel my spirit rise and I am energised by it whilst experiencing love filling my heart. I find laughter to be very powerful. Actually, I have been rather unwell lately (that nasty flu that is going around has found me….) Whilst I have been sick and have been spending most of my hours on the lounge, every now and then I hear the grandchildren, who are living downstairs, enjoying a laugh together and it’s like life and healing itself being released into my spirit and body. Oh, what a feeling!

If you read articles or have heard older people talk, when asked about how they stayed so young or remained in good health, most times, an explanation of laughter will come into the conversation. I recently read a claim that states that children laugh more frequently than adults do. In fact, the numbers thrown around are that children laugh more than 300 times a day, whereas adults laugh less than 20 times a day. Now that says something.

I have a young friend who has three children and she says one of her favourite sounds is the sound of her children’s laughter echoing through the house. I often think how nice that is. She loves the sound of her children laughing and carrying on. I think about those numbers recorded about laughter and the vast difference between children and adults. I understand that as we age, stress creeps in and much of our innocent joy can be taken or even erased.

I’ve heard it said and I agree with this statement, ‘Don’t let anyone steal your joy.’ As I consider laughter and it being good medicine I think about how important it is that we protect our joy, that joy can be our strength. I know, for myself, being a woman of faith and trusting God, I adhere to a scripture that says, ‘The joy of the Lord is your strength.’ This brings me great courage to protect my joy, to hold on to it and to know that joy is strength. As I think about this I’m also reminded of that line in The Lion King where Simba says, “Ha, I laugh in the face of danger.’ It’s a line that has resonated with me because as I have traveled through life I realise that stressful times will come, that challenges can be scary and that fear can creep in to the recesses of our hearts, however, like Simba I have chosen to laugh in the face of danger. I choose to let joy arise and my circumstances be shaken.

I trust all of this makes sense to you and I hope that where ever you find yourself today and whatever you are facing, you can find joy in the midst. Remember, sometimes we need to take a step back and allow joy to invade our space once again. If that’s you then take the step, relax and let joy take over.

I encourage you to let laughter find it’s place in your homes and your hearts. Choose to find something to laugh about, find a joke, have a food fight, throw some water balloons, play twister or a funny game of charades or maybe watch a funny movie. Whatever it is, find something that makes you laugh and remember, laughter is infectious so once you start be ready for your home to be filled with the beauty of joy.

Much love,