2019 brings with it a new addition to our Bateman family, Elka Prue Bateman, a precious little girl with a wonderful destiny in front of her. The reason I can be so confident of her having a wonderful destiny is because I believe life is given to us so that we can receive and give so much to life around us.

Life is the greatest gift of all, it comes with hope, expectation, newness, opportunities that weren’t there before, dreams, aspirations and beliefs.

Life comes with challenges, setbacks, triumphs, wins and losses, experiences of sheer joy and deep sadness, the highest heights of love and the deepest depths of love and so, so much more.

Life gives us many very precious things and it requires of us many VERY precious things. Life requires faith, values, beliefs, time, passion, love, perseverance, strength, endurance and more love, sometimes more than we think we can give. I could keep writing these lists of what life gives us and requires from us, these are but a few that I think are crucial to life.

As I looked into the innocent, precious little face of Elka this morning just two days old and when I first saw Anneke and Daniel with her not long after her birth on Saturday, I was filled with joy, expectations, thankfulness, wonder and love for her and for her parents.

Life, how precious it is, the most precious gift of all gifts given to each of us. What we do with this gift given to us makes ALL the difference in the world, to us and those around us.

Whether it is the gift of life in a cherished child given to us to parent or grandparent. Whether it’s the gift of life given to us to live out in our own lives and destiny. Life is our most valuable gift, it will cost us much more than the money we have to pay out over the journey. Life is priceless, to give life and to live life to its fullest will cost us everything of real value in this world and yet it is the one thing that is worth everything. 

Let’s live our lives in such a way that we truly appreciate life and all it brings us, the good bad and the ugly. Let’s live life in a way that enables and empowers precious, vulnerable little ones like Elka and all people in our lives no matter what age they may be, to live life abundantly filled with love, hope, peace, joy, big dreams and lots of expectations of a wonderful destiny.

2019 is full of potential when we see life as the most precious gift of all, every day, every situation is pregnant with opportunities if we know the value of the gift of life and each day in that journey of life taking nothing and no one for granted.

Enjoy your life, value your life, look and recognise the opportunities given to you each day of 2019 no matter how small and 2019 will be filled with life for you and your family.