At Little Miracles we believe our best assets leave every night – our staff. We are a widespread community across six child care centre’s and we like to get together to collaborate on training days and learn from each other.

We have professionals from various fields come in and train us, expanding our skills and abilities so we can continue to do what we love to do, to the highest standards.

Of course, we have loads of fun at these training days and usually finish off with a celebration dinner.

We also love to encourage our staff in their interests by supporting a cause they are involved in, organising a community fundraising event or providing an opportunity for them to fully utilise their unique skills within the work place.

As Little Miracles we also have Fun Days planned throughout the year where all staff come together to enjoy one another’s company, build relationships, eat scrumptious food and of course, have FUN!

We love our staff – they are passionate, dedicated and love making a difference in every young life.