nameThis week I found myself thinking about all the children in our care and the families that they represent. I was thinking thoughts of happiness, joy, love and laughter that would fill your hearts and homes. As I spent some time in this space I started thinking about the name of our centres ‘Little Miracles’ and I wanted to remind everyone about what is in a name.
We are called ‘Little Miracles’ because that is exactly what the children are. They are your Little Miracles and we love that through the name of the centre, everyone is reminded, whether they realise it or not, that their child is a miracle. The gift of life, a miracle indeed.
So, what is in a name? The dictionary says this about NAME: A name a word or a combination of words by which a person, place, or thing, a body or class, or any object of thought is designated, called, or known.
I love the ‘or known‘ of that and this is why the name ‘Little Miracles’ is so important to us. We want our children to know that they are known as Miracles. We want our families to know that we honour and value them so much and we think of their little ones as Miracles. From that perspective, we teach, we care and we place value on their little lives in an effort to speak lasting life into their hearts.
To answer the question of what is in a name, there is power, there is life, there can be vision, hope and great reminders of how valued and honoured they are. Think back to when you were pregnant, how long did you spend reading baby name books. Remember your lists and how you struggled to find the perfect name. Why did we all do this? Because a name can be part of how we are known and that’s important.
So, as we head into the holiday season, can I say thank you for letting Little Miracles play a part in your little miracles life.
Much love,