Sending your precious little miracle off to big School can be a time of excitement and apprehension for both child and parent/carer. It’s such a big season with hearts being stretched, sometimes tears and definitely some separation things to deal with.

Just yesterday I was just sitting and listening to both my amazing daughter and daughter in love as they talked about their first born babies and how they were now getting them ready to start Big School next year. I don’t think they can believe they have reached this milestone. The conversations have been happening and now we are facing all of the orientation days in prep for a end of Jan/Feb start. I loved listening to them working all the details out together.

One thing that fascinates me is the obvious difference between the parents who are sending their first child and the parents that have done this before. The first time of anything brings mixed emotions and as I mentioned above, especially something as important as this. Those who have older children at school have built up a relationship with the school and although it’s still a big step it isn’t quiet as daunting. It’s like they crossed this painful bridge once and it seems much easier now. I don’t think it’s ever easy seeing your child head off, weighted down by an oversized back pack, a glimmer of hope in their eyes yet seasoned with a touch of fear of the unknown. It’s not easy, it’s just known for the 2nd or 3rd time parents/carers. They just know all will be okay.

At Little Miracles, we see the challenge our educators face as they too are letting go of the little hearts and minds they have cared for, who in some cases have been with us for four to five years. Seeing them grow from tiny ones to the older, confident little people who are ready to move forward definitely pulls at the heart strings of our team.

One thing I love is watching them come in late to Preschool after they have been to Big School Orientation. They are full of smiles, hope and expectation. They love to tell you all about what they did and who was there. It’s an exciting time in their lives.

If you are in this space and it’s time for your little one to make the move, can I encourage you to be confident as you speak to your child about School, always let them know how you are sure they are going to love it and do really well. If you have a concern, talk to your Educators at Little Miracles, they would love to help. If it’s something in regards to the new school, talk to them as I am sure they want to help as much as possible.

Remember that this is a very important step for you all, you know your child more than anyone else and love them more than anyone else. Know that as you speak positively to your child about how you have confidence in them and the teachers, they will pick up on that and will slip into that stream of confidence you are laying for them. Always remember, as I’ve said before, they feed off your confidence or apprehension.

As a mother, I have been through this – four times and I’ve learned that each child is so wonderfully unique. Now, as a Grandmother, I feel for my child and their child as the journey continues.
I keep reminding my girls not to be overwhelmed, to talk it through with people you trust and to silence the negative soundbytes around them. This is a time you want and need positive stories to feed your soul. Relax and enjoy the process of getting everything ready and make sure you include your child in this. They love buying shoes, socks, uniforms, hats, labeling their lunchboxes, etc. Through this involvement, they will feel ownership of the whole experience.

Also, don’t forget, to remind them about those lovely Angels who will be with them and assigned specifically to them all day and every day. They will keep them safe and help them. As you walk through this know that it will be fantastic and the future will bring many great memories (for them and you) that will last a life time. Will everything be perfect, NO, however, if you stay confident, positive and believe in them and their potential they will thrive, even with the enevitable up’s and down’s that will happen.

Be blessed, be confident and believe in them.