I am writing this as I sit on my verandah on our farm property where all I can hear is the wind in the trees, birds singing, the rustle of autumn leaves and the rocking of Rob’s chair that sits alongside mine.

The sun is shining through the trees, and as I look up, I see the blueness of our majestic blue mountains in the distance. You can’t help but go to a place of peace with such beauty enveloping one’s self. I have this overwhelming feeling ….  of Ahhhh, life is good. This feeling is flowing over me and through me. There is no disturbances and beauty is all around. I can smell the lavender in the garden; the flower shrubs are sharing their scent and bulbs are flowering around me. The pansies are showing off their bright colours as if they are speaking to my spirit and whispering peace.

As I sit and soak at this moment, I’m wondering if I could be able to live in this state of peace at all times? To know the quiet of my heart and mind and to live out of a place of peace that transcends that which is around me. My desire is to live in and know this quiet, this stillness and this peace always.

I believe that within us, there is our true nature which can show us just how possible it is to live in peace that already exists deep within our spirits. This peace can be felt and experienced, not just in perfect settings but at all times.

You see, just as I sit here, allowing my mind to be filled with peace, as I breathe in all this beauty offered to me through this amazing setting I am very much aware of the noise of motorbikes flying past. It would seem that our property is located in an area that is a favourite for bike riders. The wide open spaces with uninterrupted country roads seemingly call the riders by name, almost beckoning them to rev their engines and ride the open roads. Just as it is an ideal place to come and rest, be quiet, sit in a peaceful environment, it is perfect for these bike riders to have the time of their lives seeing just how fast they can go. Two worlds collide and share a space basking in freedom.

As I’ve journeyed through life, I’ve come to know that this is, in fact, how it seems to work. There will always be the noises and sights and sounds of life and, if we let them, they will rob us of our peace of mind. Whether it be a motorcycle blitzing down the road or unwanted traffic when we are in a rush, perhaps it’s a person who gets under our skin. The list can go on. However, we seem to slice and dice life, and some things seem to work double time to rob and steal our peace of mind.

These disturbances can impact our entire thought pattern and send us down a road of frustration and fear if we don’t learn how to live in and hold onto peace. Even when circumstances around are begging for our attention, we must try to hold onto peace.

I admit when we first bought this farm property, I was easily distracted from my peaceful setting each time a motorbike went past.
It felt like I could hear them from everywhere, whether in my home or the garden and initially, I felt like I couldn’t enjoy this new setting. Drawn in the direction of the noise, being robbed of the beauty that surrounded me. The object of my attention was the bikes roaring past. The joy I thought I would get from the garden and the entire setting was seemingly fleeting.

I had to learn how to keep hold of my peaceful setting while living with the noise of the motorbikes as they passed. Fortunately, although as I write, I’m making it sound like we are amidst the Isle of Man TT, that’s not the case. They aren’t constant on our road but often enough to disturb me. That is if I let them.

Instead, I have learned that to walk in peace throughout life I need to have a time set aside each day where I can come and be aware of peace flowing into and through me. Personally, I love early mornings, it’s quiet, and usually, I rise before anyone else which makes it easy to sit and meditate and breathe in the peace. Peace that we are meant to live.

I love to start my day with prayer. To remind myself how much I am loved with a perfect love that has no conditions on it at all. From there, I read and pray through scripture. I try and do a different one each day, and while I do this, I’m listening to the heartbeat of God towards my family and me. I also love to use music to take me to a place of peace. I have my favourite worship music on in my house every day most of the day. I find it creates an atmosphere of peace. In fact, sometimes just lay down on the floor, remembering how much I am loved, thinking only of that love, and I feel the love move within me. In this space, my mind comes to a place of peace that does pass all understanding simply because it’s not about me or my circumstances rather, it’s all about the knowledge and understanding that I am truly loved by my perfect Lover Jesus.

Through this morning experience or ritual (whatever you like to call it, I don’t mind) as I go about the rest of my day, I am exposed to all sorts of noises. Whether it be from our business, family and life, I have found I can take that peace of mind into all these circumstances and embrace them instead of going to a place of fear and frustration. I find my days much more manageable when I move into it from that beautiful place.

You see, coming back to my wonderful verandah in amongst my beautiful garden setting on our farm, I have learnt to do the same.
I now embrace the thrilling sound of the roar of the motorbikes and bring it into my place of peace and rest, and it no longer robs me
of any pleasure here in my special chair on my verandah. I have practised and learned to sit, be still and know that He is God. Not by shutting out the world and the noise in it but by embracing it.

We will never stop things coming our way that can rob us of peace. However, they don’t have to rob us if we learn how to dwell in peace no matter what. I know people have all different ways of enjoying the peace and just as I have shared my journey, I would love you to share yours with me.

Drop a line, text or comment on Instagram, Facebook or anywhere else and let me know how you experience Peace.

Susanna #littlemiraclescommunity