Welcome to the March Magazine

Welcome to the March Magazine

Danielle from Little Miracles Wamberal shares the Teach Your Toddler To Read board resource and how you can support this program at home.

Speak About Speech

In this video, Holly explores the concept of book engagement and shares some helpful tips around pre literacy skills. This is the perfect time to begin with your little one, give it a try today! If you have any questions or concerns about your child, please give us a call on (02) 4555 1870 or send us an email at tuggerah@speakaboutspeech.com. Holly is available to see children between the ages of 18 months – 16 years of age on Monday-Friday between the hours of 8am-4pm. If you would like to book your child in to see her, give us a call today.

March Book of the Month

We join Liz in reading “Mila and Ivy”

March Blog – Upon Arrival at Little Miracles

It’s morning drop off time… Your little one is eager to begin playing with their friends and you are trying to make sure they are settled and set up for the day. But what is it that you actually need to do? We’re here to help!

Mornings can be a busy time in your child’s room with the educator’s focus being on helping children to settle and feel welcome. There are a few steps that will assist educators in welcoming your child into the day at Little Miracles. 

Sign in is done through a digital program called iCheck-In that is linked to your Child Care Subsidy. There will be an iPad available at the sign in table for iCheck-In. All children need to be signed in every day they attend the service. This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT as we need to make sure each child is accounted for in accordance with Licensing and Public Liability regulations. Ensure you also sign out when collecting your child/ren at the end of the day. Please be aware if a sign in or out has been missed for a previous day of care, or an absence not notified to the centre, iCheck-In will prompt you to update these details before you can sign in for the day. If you need any assistance at any stage, please see an educator as they are happy to help.

Once you have signed your child in we ask that all families complete the following:

  • Place your child’s bag in their allocated locker. You can check for the correct locker by finding your child’s name on the locker chart displayed. 

  • Fill in the ‘Bottle Register’ sheet with details of your child individual bottle routine if they are bringing milk from home

  • Hand the any bottles, breast milk and/or formula to an educator.

  • Place labelled nappies in allocated space 

  • Place labelled water bottle in the drink bottle caddy. This is carried wherever the children are playing. 

  • Verbal handover of information regarding child’s next bottle times, sleep time and other important information that will set your child up for a great day.

Your help with this is appreciated as it helps make the morning and day smoother for educators, you and your child. When you are leaving your little one for the day, try to stay positive and be honest with them. You might say “Mummy is going to work now and I will pick you up this afternoon” and give a hug and a kiss for example. Our tip is to be consistent. Ask  our educators for additional tips and tricks to help with drop off if need be. If you have any questions or need any help with the above, the educators are willing to help in any way.

Be blessed,


Hometime with Robbie and Susie

Did you know that across Little Miracles, we are exploring sustainability with the children. They are learning what sustainability is, why it’s important and what they can do themselves!
On todays episode of Robbie and Susie we explore sustainability specifically about paper. We sing a recycling song, read a story, and even try some paper weaving. Come and join us!
Check out these recycling songs too!

Playtime with Robbie and Susie

This month we revisit episode C of Playtime with Robbie and Susie.

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