Welcome to the May Magazine

We would like to take this opportunity wish our amazing mums and mother figures the happiest Mother’s Day this Sunday. May you feel blessed and loved by your tribe!


May is here and the weather is cooling down…don’t forget to pack some extra layers of labelled clothing and a jumper in your child’s bag!

Playtime with Robbie and Susie

This month we revisit episode L of Playtime with Robbie and Susie.

Lions laughing l, l, l!
Join Robbie and Susie as they explore the L sound. In this phonics based series, children can learn about their sounds creating a foundation for early reading skills. Don’t forget to download the FREE app on your iPad too!

Across Little Miracles, the children have been exploring the project ‘around the world’.  They have been exploring continents and counties, making passports and learning greetings in different languages. Sing along with this song for some fun and why not add your own greeting to it?
Multicultural Good Morning Song

Good Morning, good morning we like to say good morning,
Each happy day before we play we like to say, good

Konichi wa, konichi wa we like to say konichi wa each
Happy day before we play we like to say, konichi wa.

Replace the greeting with Bonjourno, Bula, G,day etc and repeat!

As you sing you can tap both knees then clap hands simultaneuosly in time to the song to keep the rhythm.


Hometime with Robbie and Susie
In this episode of Hometime Robbie and Susie explore the Caribbean! There is a yummy food experience making a fruit juice smoothie out of Caribbean fruits, 2 songs about some monkeys, we read I Love You Little Monkey and so much more. We can’t wait to learn with you.

Book of the Month

‘This is not an egg’ read by educator Anna.
This is not a book about an egg. This is a book about imagination! And friendship. And the magic that happens when the two unite. So take a walk on the wild side and see the world through the mind of one mischievous marsupial.

Mindful Moments

Wes feels terrible and angry because they think they ruined the soccer game. Learning that compassion for yourself is just as important as your compassion for others brings their joy back.

Introducing: Wellbeing Matters


School Readiness vs Transition to school

As the commencement of our Flying Start Transition to School program for the Mighty Meteor children approaches, it is timely to understand the difference between school readiness and transitioning to school. Just how does Little Miracles cater to both of these journeys?

School readiness

At Little Miracles we believe that ‘school readiness’ begins the moment your child joins us. We view school readiness as being a combination of abilities and skills that take time to develop, which is why every room at Little Miracles values the kind of learning experiences that will help your child grow in their school readiness. The abilities that will assist your child to be successful in a school environment include but are not limited to;

  • Social and Life Skills.

  • Communication Skills.

  • Cognitive skills. 

  • Motor Skills.

Some School Readiness skills that even our youngest Little Angels can develop included: 

  • Managing the emotions that come from separating from family members at drop off time.

  • Building secure and meaningful relationships with carers outside of the family. 

  • Learning self-help skills such as feeding, using their water bottles.

  • Being a member of a group of children.

  • Choosing to join and interact in small group experiences.

  • Seeking out ways to make their needs heard.

  • Confidence to explore and experience things that are new.

Flying Start: Transition To School Program

Flying Start is a unique transition to school program offered at Little Miracles that is specifically designed for older children. The program runs during term 3 and 4 in the year prior to your child starting school. Our aim is to extend children’s existing knowledge and help them build abilities, confidence, and behaviours that will support them during the transition into school, giving them a “Flying Start.”

The program comprises a range of carefully designed activities and experiences that build on the play-based learning your child has already been doing, but in a more structured format similar to what they will experience in Kindergarten.

Some of the key components of the program include:

  • Being a member of a group learning experience being led by an educator.

  • Games with a higher level of structure and rules to follow.

  • Social problem solving abilities.

  • Cognitive problem solving and early numeracy skills.

  • Being independent in looking after themselves and their belongings

  • Literacy-enhancing activities that will scaffold children towards conventional literacy and involves phonics and decodable books.

  • Fine motor skill activities that encourage children’s writing, cutting and creating abilities.

By engaging in the flying start program at Little Miracles, you really are equipping your child to be the most prepared they can be for school. Our children develop literacy skills that speak for themselves.